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6.0 performance

I purchased a 2006 e350 with 145,000 miles. A mechanic pre-purchase inspection said healthy engine. Invoice shows work done in 2013 to the tune of $5000US but did not list the items replaced. Heads studs where replaced (visible), and apparently a new oil cooler, EGR delete, dummy plugs, and fuel tubes? It was done by a H&H Diesel Performance whose phone seems to be out of service, so no way to talk to mechanic.

I just drove Flagstaaf to Dallas and the engine sounded and ran great. I was able to drive long stretches to test oil cooling at speed over a half hour test period for each speed and recorded the following:

75 201 191
70 197 188
65 195 188
60 195 186
60 208 198 On a 1/2 uphill grade

FICM 48.5-49

From what I have researched, this looks within specs, but just talked to a certified bulletproof diesel shop (through and they say EOT-ECT should be within 7-8 degrees of each other. Also said if fan clutch is running all the time that is a problem, but did not notice if fan clutch was running a lot.

Any comments here on if I should put in a new oil cooler? Seems good to me as is.

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It's a little high on the delta, but I'd probably just keep an eye on it, and see if it gets any worse before changing anything.

It's consistent, rather than becoming a larger delta with more load, so that's good. Some of your delta may just be sender variation, which is why I get more concerned with the delta increases with load.

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Someone mentioned an oil cooler backflush. First time hearing about that. Is that a complicated operation, and something that might help?
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Agree with Carringb (although he's going to know way more than me anyway so...) and I'd add that you would know if the fan was coming or not. Its unmistakable, sounds like a prop plane fired up under your hood.
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A cooler back-flush can *sometimes* help if its plugged. But I would not expect your new cooler to plug up so fast after being replaced, unless they mixed incompatible coolants and silicates are dropping out... But key to me that there's a problem, is that the difference gets larger with load. Yours isn't.

As for the fan clutch... It's rare they stick on. I think what he meant is that an always-running fan is a sign of excess engine-bay heat. Climbing in the summer, I'd expect it to run. This time of year, not so much.

Much more likely is that it just fails. In which case, you'll see ECTs over 230 and NO fan roaring.
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Those Temps look good to me!
I have a 2006 (12K lbs loaded/ running 4:56 and 35's) and put in an entirely new engine 3 1/2 years ago (fully BP'd, aluminum radiator, all new hoses, etc). I have always had a delta around 11. First 2 years avg ECT 207 and EOT 218 doing 70mph - under loads both would go up 10-11 degrees.

Felt my averages were higher than normal which always concerned me, so I replaced the fan clutch again and installed a Mishimoto low temp thermostat...also added a 5Star tune that engaged the fan earlier. Now my average temps run about 11 degrees lower than what I had, but delta remains around 9 (fan only starts to kick in when ECT gets around 207-208).

I've been to numerous Diesel Performance shops, several Ford Dealers, and lots of time on the Internet...The new tolerance seems to be comfortable with up to a 14-15 degree variance for the Delta...lot has to do with what the engine is forced to contend with - EB or RB, Van weight, Gear ratio, Tire size. ***EDIT: admittedly, front Aluminess bumper doesnt help my situation.

As carringb mentioned, if you see the delta changing then I'd be concerned.
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Guys, the delta difference between EOT and ECT is rather moot with an EGR delete.

Cooling fan should kick on in the low 220s and from those EOT temps it probably never did. Unless of course it was running the whole time but that sounds like a screaming banshee.
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Engine never sounded loud, so I suspect even while climbing the fan never kicked in. Thanks for the feedback, I think all is well for now.
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I 'think' the Fan Speed Sensor command on a Scanguage reads the speed of the cooling fan (I don't know what other fan speed it would be sensing), so if you have a Scangauge you can program it to display that reading.

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Runs cooler than mine...

Although my deltas are closer together.

Anything over 65 mph and my fuel mileage takes a dump!

If I suspected my oil cooler is compromised, I'll definitely be installing an external oil cooler. Given the OEM location of the Van's oil filter I wouldn't think the modification would be overly complicated.
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