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Buying new v8 or v10 engine help

I know it's been discussed and a lot of the threads are old on the topic so I was wondering, would you do it the same?

Would you recommend the v8 or the v10? I'll be driving mostly highway and trails. I cruise at 65-70 almost always. This will be strictly for weekends and trips not a daily driver.

I just sold my 6.0l diesel looking to get a brand new v8 or v10 and I want to know opinions. I want longevity since I'm 27 years old I want something that will last years and years to come. I will be going with the e350 eb 4x4 and a simple futon bed in the rear with an open floor plan. All my gear in Various totes so I can go from fishing to camping to hunting to snowboarding all by taking one tote out and throwing a different one in. No fresh water or sink, possibly down the line a fridge but no shelving or any of that. Nice and open.

So is the difference of mpg really that much? I've read 10mpg from the v10 and then people that swear 14-15mpg on the highway cruising 65-70mph. And the v8 I have heard 15mpg and some say 12mpg cruising at 65-70.

What are you guys getting with your rigs and which would you prefer for my situation? Mostly Highway driving at 65-70mph occasional trails or city driving to get to a destination to park. Never tow anything but might down the line get a jet ski.

Any input would be a great help because all threads I've found are old and ALWAYS TALK ABOUT TOWING!!! I DONT TOW!! Lol

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I have a 2005 E350 RB passenger van with the V10 and Torqueshift trans. It's usually just me in the van with maybe 200lbs worth of stuff inside, so nothing that will affect gas mileage. When it was on stock tires, the best I ever got on the freeway was 12.8 going 65 mph. After I lifted it with 285/75/16 tires, I still get about the same. It's just about done getting the 4x4 installed, so on my drive back, I will calculate the mpg again to see if the extra running gear affects it at all.

I'm not sure who is getting 15+ mpg with their V10, but I just don't see how it can be done. Of course, my van came stock with 4.10 gears, so maybe if you have 3.73's, but even then, I'm not sure it can be done. People also said to go 60mph on the freeway to maximize mpg and I tried that, but I found that the minimal gains (0.1 mpg?) wasn't worth the frustrations of going so slow.

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Our V10 4x4 gets about 13 mph at 60 mph on a level highway based on our Scangauge. Our van weighs about 10,500 lbs which might be a factor. I've never calculated mileage for a tank of gas since it depends a lot of how much shifting is involved...while getting up to 60 mph on the freeway, the V10 sucks gas but does better than a Suburban.

I think that the V10 is better suited for a fully-equipped 4WD SMB since the engine isn't working that hard. We've got 115,000 miles on our V10 and expect to get close to 200,000 miles before we stop using it. In your case the V8 might be fine.
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Thanks yeah I am concerned with the fuel mileage but I'm also looking at mph vs rpms because having the v8 traveling at such speeds might be straining the engine more which might hurt the overall life span of the engine. That's what I'm looking for. I can overlook the added fuel cost of a v10 being overkill if it's going to last longer then the v8 will. I also read that they put a better transmission in the v10 compared to the v8' transmission? i don't want to hit 200k eventually and have had replaced transmissions and multiple problems with a v8 and have the v8 on the end of its lifespan when the v10 at 200k miles still be going wrong with no transmission Issues and still going strong.
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And on the same token for shits and giggles using $3/gal as a constant and the fuel mpg as best/worst scenario

V10 200k miles @ 10mpg = 20,000gal fuel @ $3gal =$60,000
V8 200k miles @ 16mpg = 12,500gal fuel @ $3/gal =$37,500

That's $22,500 cheaper over the long run if v8 gets that great gas milage and v10 gets that little.

V10 200k @ 13mpg = 15,384gal @ $3 = $46,152
V8 200k @ 15mpg = 13,333gal @ $3 = $39,999

$6,153 is a lot more reasonable and enough to go with v10 over v8 but if it's more like the other mpg then the v8 would be more reasonable.

Also not factoring in if the v8 will need more work due to straining on the engine under the 65-70-75mph driving situation. So what's your thoughts? And also any input on longevity of transmissions and such on both vehicles also any other maintenance costs that differ from one to the other would be greatly appreciated.

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The 6.8L is about 25% larger displacement, and under best case in town light-duty driving does seem to use about 25% more fuel than the 5.4L.

However, once you start adding a load, the difference gets smaller as it takes fuel to make power. At some point, the 6.8L will use less fuel. Since you aren't towing, you won't ever run into that.

I average about 11-12 highway with my V10, however it has a huge ass grill guard, full roof rack, is a dually, and has 4.56 gears. My dads van is all stock and has the 5.4L with 3.55 gears and averages 16-17 highway. When my van was bone stock with 3.73 gears I averaged 14-15 highway. Sure was nice back then when I could go 500 miles on a tank of fuel

If you aren't towing, you definitely don't need the V10. You won't ever "wear" out the V8. Either motor can easily top 500,000 miles under hard commercial service, and owners who aren't driving as hard can double that. The V10 is paired with a much more robust transmission, but if you ever did have trouble with it, it will cost more to repair than the 4-speed behind the V8.

I haven't seen any substantial difference in maintenance costs between the two, other than the extra pair of spark plugs and boots you have to buy every 100,000 miles.
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I have a 2001 V10 Extended body GTRV. Its 2wd but is a pretty heavy camper build. I average 13-14MPG on most of my trips.
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Thank you I appreciate the responses. I should add that eventually down the line I also plan on adding a pop top so I could change inside standing out of the elements and have the upstairs bed as well. I'm sure those don't add that much more weight but the interior walls and floor will be built out with Dynamat, insulation, ply, and vynal. Which will be adding some weight.
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I have a 2012 van with a HIGH top and a 5.4L. Power has not been a problem. I get 12.5 mpg when driving 70+ and almost 14 when I keep it at 65. 4.10 gears 285/75-18 tires.

The only reason I might opt for a V10 is the transmission. The 4 speed feels really old after my experience with the Torqueshift behind my old 6.0.

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I have a 2013 EB50 V10 4x4 Voyager top with roof rack. It has 15k miles and I've only broken 10mpg once. Scangauge readings average 8.5 to 9.5 on the highway. Mileage sucks, but I'm digging the low gas prices right now.

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