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Earlier van propane area seemed like the mice pathway twice, and I could not figure how to successfully seal it between skins, so took to putting a fresh box of the smelliest fabric softener box each spring/pre travel time....that coincided with no more mice intrusions. First experience discovery and warpath started in Deadwood SD, and a week later in Wyoming we got the critter....Felt kinda like a western movie....

Pac NW and warmer places
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Mice indeed!
I know where mine are getting in, just a bit tough to seal it off. Mine is an EB with a tiny bathroom in the rear. They built
a wall between that and the rest of the van, which has a sink,
vanity style with cabs beneath. THAT is where they get in on mine! I assume around the water pipes. Just grateful itís not
in the food cabs! But they really love TP! I moved everything out of that area long ago, so thatís as far as they get, at least
for now. Dreadful waste of space though....Iíd love to rip that
whole section out! I generally use the kitchen sink for everything anyway. What would you do? Anyone? No shower
so whatís the point? Iíd rather have a decent bed ( have the old-style ď gauchoĒ) and more storage, than current setup!

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Steel wool is a good idea for filling holes except that if it gets wet it will rust away and you'll end up with a big mess.
Rather than steel wool, talk to an exterminating outfit and see if you can get some copper wool. It does not rust away and fills gaps the same as steel does.

Also, be aware that some of those larger openings for propane lines could be serving dual purposes: one for the line path and the other as an opening to the outside in case of a leak.
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Old 12-27-2020, 04:58 PM   #14
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Per Kevin H, copper is more durable as steel wool will even rust from high humidity. Link below, perhaps of interest.

Stuff-fit - DS8044 Copper Mesh for Mouse Rat Rodent Control
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I had mice coming in my van last winter through the engine compartment, I believe. I could see evidence of the insulation material on the passenger side mat. I put four packages of Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent throughout the van, and it really worked! Itís nontoxic and smells good to humans (made from ground up spruce trees). Did it again this year, and so far, so good!
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Old 12-28-2020, 12:25 AM   #16
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Walmart has these stainless scrubbing pads as an alternative to steel wool.
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Old 12-28-2020, 08:39 AM   #17
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Subscribed. I'm interested in gutting my 15 yrd old RB50 and replacing it with better insulation and lighter materials than fiber board. But honestly would rather pay someone to do it. Goodonya PJPVI for giving it a go.
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Goodonya PJPVI for giving it a go.
Thanks JoeH, but I'm not gutting it yet! IF I do, it will likely be after I finish my S. America trip in 2022/23. For now, just want to stop mice from getting in when I'm trying to get a good nights sleep.

All good info everyone. I think I have a game plan & will go back out to the shop today and start implementing. I'll take photos and report when I'm done.

- 2005 EB50 6.0PSD - SMB 4x4
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Old 01-05-2021, 10:47 AM   #19
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I finished this project such as it is. It is rather difficult to block the open area when there are power and water lines going through. If I haven't fully stopped mice from taking this route, it hopefully at least slows them down.

I used some rigid foam and extruded aluminum to create a barrier then used some expanding foam with stainless steel scrub pad in it along with some Gorilla Glue silicon to hold it in place. Couldn't really get a good picture as assembly had to happen pretty fast but here's what I have. Luckily not something anyone will see!

Started by removing the propane tank and access door. Then had to drill out rivits that hold the support for electric plug and water inlet to gain access (second pic). First pic shows the area where water and power line go (and the mice & dust go). I made a cardboard template then cut the foam & aluminum to shape and joined the two with silicon glue. Last pic is it installed with the expanding foam in a couple gaps that were left (with ss scrub pad material shoved in the expanding foam).

I'll see if I still get mice visitors while camping. At a minimum, this should significantly cut down on dust entering the van behind the finished wall and cabinets. If I ever do a full interior remodel I'll be able to fully address this.
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- 2005 EB50 6.0PSD - SMB 4x4
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Looks like a great job, pjpvi! I hope it works for you. I'm in the process of undercoating my '06 E350 and will be looking into this area to mount a pre-filter for water servicing as the last time we were out and about, the water from the hook-up gave my wife a parasite. I'm going to see if I can mount it by the propane tank. I see you're in the SF Bay Area. Me as well. Hope to meet you out and about some day.

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