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Homeowner Associations (HOA)


So far I have not had any grief but I wanted to see what your all experience is with HOAs. I live in a California planned community with HOA - single unit homes. Has anyone received flak from their HOA about their Sportsmobile? What resolutions did you make? BTW - my driveway is more than long enough to hold the van but note that this is an extended model.

I have an actual motorhome which I do store off site but to me - this is a van and I don't share some of the features of the vehicle with others. However, people are curious around me.


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I would read your HOA rules. See which one you are violating. Many of them have rules like you can't park and "RV" which is defined as a vehicle with a toilet. If that's the case and you have no toilet, then they have no case. Other HOAs look at how you have the car registered. Is it registered and insured as a motorhome? I specifically insure mine as cars instead of motorhomes for this reason. It's more expensive, but not more expensive than storage.

Also, you can be very open with the van, invite others to use it and stuff. That way they feel less aggressive about it.

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HOA = flak, by definition.

Seriously though, not every HOA set of rules is the same, and then there's how aggressive the HOA board is in your neighborhood is probably an even bigger factor. Does your HOA rules restrict vehicles in the driveway?

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I had issues in the past. Our HOA rules state no vehicles to be left overnight in the driveways. We have a new Board and president who are more reasonable, and many people are leaving vehicles parked out overnight more often without as much flak. We will see how long that lasts. I despise HOAs and will never live in another community with one.
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I live in an HOA. They are not the most vigilant. However, my current SMB(not a home build) is technically titled as a Ford E350 Van. It does not say "motorhome" on the title anywhere. My last SMB was titled as an actual motorhome, so I know that Colorado makes a distinction on the titles.

Our HOA has a no RV policy as well. However, since my vehicle is titled as a van, and has regular old passenger plates on it, no different than my other cars, then in my eyes it doesn't really matter if I put a backhoe on it, it is a van per the Colorado DMV definition. My van has a sink, a fridge, and a removable porta potti.

I have parked it my driveway for months at a time with no issue, I, however, mostly park it in the garage to keep it safe from hail when it starts flying.

How is your van titled?
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Driveway is ok if you have a car in the garage - check. It's titled with code MH in CA so I will keep that little gem close to the vest.

Can a person change the vehicle type in title? This does not have a crapper but all the other goods (stove/sink/fridge)
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It always amazes me what people will subject themselves to. You buy a home for you and your family and put up with someone else's rules FREEDOM. It's all about FREEDOM Me that is. NOT you with HOA's
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I am the president of an HOA with 385 homes in Las Vegas. Our HOA rules say we must park our vehicles inside our garage, in our driveway, or at the curb in front of our home. Our rules do not allow RVs to be parked in our neighborhood.

When I moved into the neighborhood four years ago (before I became the president of the HOA) I parked my SMB at the curb in front of my home. No one said anything for several months. Then someone complained that where my van was parked blocked the view of people exiting a sidewalk to the side of my home and was a safety issue. I agreed. I was asked by the HOA to move my SMB across the street onto a Plaza street that has center parking (see picture). No one has complained about where I park or that my van could be considered an RV. It does not have a toilet, but it is registered as a motorhome.

To me, the issue is whether your SMB fits in one of the HOA designated parking locations. I would ask your HOA president for an opinion . . . or just park it and see if anyone says anything. BTW, if they don't complain and allow it, they cannot later disallow it. And, if they change the rules later, they have to grandfather you in. My advice -- Just Do It!
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CA will gladly change an RV registration to commercial plates with a weight fee (which isn't that much for 10k lbs and under). Just tell them that you occasionally haul lumber with it and want to be on the really right side of the law.

In CA, the number sequences for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles are different. So someone who knows what to look for can tell if you've paid a weight fee just by the plate number.

It's a little more money, but may be worth it if that's a technicality that will allow you to park it in your driveway. Going the other way is harder, but not impossible as long as you have all the features.


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