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House Battery Replacement

Looking to replace 2 lifeline 4d agm batteries that are mounted in the undercarriage of the van. Looking to economize and not spend $1500. Also don't think I need 400 amp hrs of capacity. I was looking for other less expensive options and ran across Centennial 4d no maintenance lead acid. They are 165 amp hr. and just $200 each. I have had great luck with Centennial batteries in my boat. Anyone have any experience with these? Price seems too good to be true. Here is a link to the product page and would love feedback.

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I don't have feedback with those particular batteries but I am a believer in lead acid when you get in to bigger (camper sized) battery banks. I've had great luck with the Duracell 4d from Batteries Plus, priced about the same I think and there's always a 10% coupon on their website. Some of the Duracells are made by East Penn/Deka but I believe some are made by other manufacturers.

Here's some interesting info on who makes what:

Currently vanless. Weird.
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From the specs, it appears that the Centennials aren't true deep cycles but are hybrid deep cycle/starting batteries. The clue is that the specs mention 1,000 Cold Cranking Amps.

There's a lot of info online about the differences but, unless you want it to double as a starting battery (typical for boats), true deep cycle batteries will perform better as dedicated house batteries. Here's one take on the subject: Differences Between Deep Cycle Batteries and Regular Batteries

The other issue is, if you're installing them inside your van, you'll need to go with AGM or gel cell batteries or a vented battery locker.
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The batteries will be mounted under the van so think venting would not be a problem. I will have a look at the Duracell version of the 4d size. Not sure if they are available locally. Anyone else have experience running 4d lead acid batteries?
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The problem with mounting lead acid or flooded batteries under carriage is that there’s no way easy way to service them without dropping the tray, a chore for sure.
AGM’s are sealed and thus maintenance free (no off gassing). They also typically last longer and will tolerate extreme conditions and deep discharges better than flooded.
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All I can say is 2 things:

I’ve noticed that batteries seem to last for less years than it should when in my mind, our new batteries should be lasting more years than our old batteries of the decades past due to improvements. Hmm...

1. Before you decide to replace old batteries, they might have life left in them.
I’m a true believer now I’m using a $20 electronic desulfator by cleanpowwr I got online A 2ah on eBay but they are also on Amazon the reviews are generally fairly positive, some amazing.
These are so super cheap but seem good quality and it automatically detects the voltage of the battery but have a manual button to set the voltage for weak battery’s it might not detect.
The small alligator clips are a bit of a challenge to get to clip on the large terminals.
One of the alligator clips came off and I had to resolder it but after it was fine.
Somewhere I read that the 4ah might be too strong for doing only 1 battery but good for doing a bank of batteries.
Because my car battery in my Buick that I drive almost daily, died after not much cranking one morning when trying to starting in this winter.
Battery is about 5 years old.
So I charged the battery and then disconnected the charger and one of the car terminals and connected the desulfator to the battery terminals and left it on for a day.
The desulfator creates high voltage pulses through the battery plates to break down the age related sulfation but drains the battery while doing so
I then charged the battery again and repeated the desulfator.
After like 3 days of this process, the battery has been like brand new and cranks strong and long even in the bitter cold days we have had.
Maybe they should call these desulfators viagra for the battery!
Saved me from having to buy a new one. I hope it lasts but as strong as it cranks, I feel it’s got years and years left.
So I’m now making it a yearly thing(I set an annual reminder in my phone calendar to nag me!) to do the desulfator to all my vehicles for one day for preventative maintenance and we will see how many more years it adds!

2. I’ve started installing battery blankets on all my batteries.
After reading how blankets protect batteries from damaging temp swings especially under the hood with the heat producing engine.
My friends get blue apron meals all the time and the silver reflective bubble wrap bags the food is in is perfect and free and has no aluminum so will not short anything.
I just use box tape and fold and cut to size and trim flush to the top edge and pole holes at the bottom for drainage if needed.

That’s all I knows!
Take care!
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It sounds like process of equalization of flooded lead-acid batteries.
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Yes Scotty!! I read a post about this subject using the "search" button awhile ago and read about how you ordered from Deca and they delivered to the local battery plus...they installed too if I remember correctly? mine are in desperate need, but I am plugged in, in garage, so waiting til before we take our next adventure! Thanks for the previous advice (for sure!) That will be the way I go...
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My Lifeline lasted 10 years!! Worth every penny in my opinion.

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