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A common problem I have is when I get the tires rotated on my SMB. They move the 75psi rear tires to the front and the 50psi front tires to the rear, and don't adjust the pressures accordingly. Grrrr!

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I've had issues from a variety of shops but sometimes I wonder what they're really teaching these kids in school. I had the shop rotate the tires prior to a trip. Met up with some buddies out at the ranch for a couple of brews and in the middle of telling them about the tire shop, one guy says "how come you have a missing lug nut?" I took the van right back to Les Schwab and showed the manager. He was stunned but the stupid kids excuse was even better... "your lug nut was missing when you came in". The look on the managers face was classic as I yelled you don't think that information is pertinent to something dangerous like a wheel coming off while driving? I still kinda blamed myself for not doing a simple walk-around like I have to do when driving a class A vehicle. SMB always said to check and re-torque after about 50 mile after the tires have been mounted IIRC. I had an American Eagle rim crack during a 4x4 run and another driver said my tire looked low. Pays to look closely. I always wondered if how the tire was mounted and if that had something to do with the cracking???

I usually re-torque after the tire shop now but this thread has me more on alert now.

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I just checked all my lugs again after having the rear wheels off for brake work and then driving about 30 miles. All were fine except the right rears which were mostly 5 or 10 ftlbs low. Prior to remounting the rotors and wheels, I wire brushed and Scotch bright'd the mating surfaces, so hopefully that will help. I plan to keep checking until they settle down.
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Originally Posted by LenS View Post
Glad all are OK. We came across a loose wheel accident about 1 second after it happened and the driver of an oncoming car was killed as the wheel went through his windshield. Wheel was in an overloaded pick-up truck and fell out at x-way speeds. When we got on the seen the wheel was maybe 50 feet in the air after impacting the oncoming car. Pick-up got off at next toll gate and was never seen again. Toll was to grainy to get the white pick-up license number. Also when the wheel flashed by us going in the other direction we can vividly remember seeling the man's daughter standing up in the windshield hole, holding her head and obviously screaming. Grad it was only your van that got hurt.

That is the most upsetting recount of an accident I have ever heard. Glad these guys made out better.

Some of my best friends had this happen to their exterra as they crested a hill, luckily they were only doing 35ish and there was a side road they could limp onto out of traffics way. This is literally the one mechanical failure that has always made me nervous at the possibility it could happen. Like riding a bike down a trail and having a stick go through your spokes.

I don't like the idea of impact guns on studs, talk about metal fatigue!
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Well, this thread has properly put the fear of a loose nut (of the lug variety) at front and center for me. I'd been meaning to replace an upper-newton torque wrench that left my life a few years ago, but hadn't gotten around to it. This thread got me off my duff. I found a pretty little Snap-on 250 foot pound Techwrench in a dusty corner of the local pawn shop today, and it came home with me. I need to get the calibration checked...and then I'll be checking my lug nuts.

Thanks for raising this issue. It is all too easy to get complacent, and I shall be complacent no more.

Plus y'all gave me a great excuse to get a new tool...nothing makes a girl happier than that...except maybe being able to pee inside on a rainy night...
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Kudos to UJoint... checked the lugs today with a torque wrench... all were tight and fine.

This thread has me paranoid now, though! Thanks for bringing it to the attention of some of us more mechanically challenged (or ignorant... or naive...).
Rock on,
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After re-torquing yesterday and finding three loose lug nuts, I got paranoid and did it again today after putting on about 10 miles. Found a couple more that needed snugging. I'll be checking my lug nuts on a regular basis from now on. I wanna keep my wheels where they belong.
OMG, the Silver Streak is Sold!
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FYI for all you vultures out there...

Looks like my van will eventually be eventually auctioned off here:

(notice it is listed as RWD; which means they're not explaining that is a Quigely 4x4. Dunno if that matters given we don't know how much is broken from the impact to the left rear hub bits against the concrete wall)
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I'm sorry to hear about this! I hope insurance will take care of it. I can't imagine what that felt like. I really am curious how the insurance aspect works out.

Definitely a great reminder to check lug nuts. Thats on my list for sure. And will do it every time before family trips ...
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tried to bid on the van, said i needed to hire a broker. bummer

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