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Replace CRL Window Behind Driver Seat

So, I had a rock bust my CRL window behind my drivers seat (above my kitchen in my Floorplan). I found the correct replacement, ordered it (backordered for 4 months) and it finally arrived. I go to install it and I can't get the top screws out because of the blinds. And I can't remove my blinds because the trim piece is in the way. And I can't removed the trim because the top shelf is in the way.

So what I thought was going to be a quick window swap, I'm now looking at a debacle. Does anyone have some trick or has done this before, potentially without disassembling part of the upper kitchen?

We thought about a 90 degree screwdriver, but weren't sure on that. If the blinds could come out, all would be well. But the tolerances to do the slight twisting motion to pop the blinds out is restricted by the window trim.

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tnmrm - my heart goes out to you about this. This situation touches on one of my pet peeves about the way "things" are put together in a way that makes maintenance or repair ridiculously difficult or impossible.

Sailing across the Atlantic on an 80ft sailboat and having to repair something critical mid crossing that had been designed and installed in a difficult reach spot was the topper. Literally some things in a boat require the cutting into the side of the hull to repair.

I see this same "design" flaw baked into RV's, houses, etc. They are designed to look good with no thought as to actual real life use and maintenance/repair down the road. All you DIY types- PLEASE take this into account when building out your rigs.

Your situation - Hopefully REF (maybe PM him) sees this and responds with what he made work for him with his 50 layout (kitchen/fridge cabinet just aft of the driver's seat). It can be done but it is not easy.

When you get into this, certainly consider modifying the current design to make accessibility to the window (and anything else) easier. Windows, water pumps, heaters, batteries, valves, etc. All will need replacing or repair at some point. It will take some thinking out of the "original design" box.

I feel your pain.

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Unfortunately sometimes you just have to take apart a lot of stuff to get at the thing that needs to be fixed :-( Happens with engine work, too.

Thankfully the SMB interior pieces are usually pretty straightforward to disassemble. Sometimes there will be hidden screws here and there that are a PITA. If concerned about reassembly just take lots of pics.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by 1der View Post
I feel your pain.
I do too. I want to change out my flooring, which is carpet. But it was installed first before any other object was screwed into place. Now to remove it completely I'd have to disassemble and raise most every bulkhead, bench, plumbing run, wire run, and other fixture in the van!
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Exactly what brianw said unfortunately. No personal experience with smb interiors, but I’ve heard references comparing it to other rv interiors. If that’s the case hopefully it won’t just fall apart like a lot of the rv’s I’ve worked on in the past.

Consider yourself lucky that your window hasn’t been discontinued as well. Crl has stopped production on a lot of their windows.
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