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Right up there with tailgaters in my book are the hot shots who pass you up from the slow lane. Like on the way home yesterday on the I-10 from Blythe. Fairly heavy traffic but moving 75-80 mph. A string of 18-wheelers and big RVs in the slow lane, at probably 70. Most everyone goes over into the left lane, making an orderly move past the trucks. Then there are the pinheads who can be seen in the right rear mirror speeding past everyone on their left and squeezing into line at the last second. They of course want to get in front of the big van. Understandable, but I move over after my passing is done. Unsafe and infuriating, some of these bastards cut real close! Tempting to close the gap against the cutting in, but then I end up briefly the tailgater and risk my reaction time. Grrr.

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I typically let off the gas & go slow enough they have to pass. The people I don't get are the people who are slow but when a passing lane opens up they speed up so you can't pass. This happened last year in Big Bear. Someone in a BMW wasn't a good mountain driver at all & slowed way down at every corner. When the passing lane opened they gunned it trying to block us from passing. I was in a Subaru then but it had enough zip to get us ahead and away from them.

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Hard to know if it helps, but I added a hitch-mounted extra brake light:
Bully (CR-007XL) X-Large Hitch Brake Light

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Tailgater are terrible I always try to get over and let them go and salute them as they pass by. But I also hate it when you try and leave space in front of you to slow your rigg down in case something happen in front of you and some Jack A@& pulls in between you and now you have the choice of tail gate his a@& or slow down and get more space for another Jack A@& take that space. Always fun and games on the road.
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Most people have no understanding of what "tail gating" is - they aren't being aggressive; they simply don't understand what a safe following distance is. They think that the best strategy to passing is to get as close as possible before passing, as that will reduce the time it takes them to pass you. And obviously once they are past you, you no longer pertain to their existence, and thus no longer exist.

The best way is to try to get out of their way - if you aren't as far right (left for our Commonwealth friends) as you can legally be move over. If you are, and they continue to tail gate, reduce speed slowly. If there is an exit ramp with an on ramp following it, pull off. The tailgater has shown they are an idiot; there is no reason to double the number of idiots in the area by being stupid yourself.

I had one person decide to fly formation off my left rear quarter panel one dark early morning. I literally slowed to 45 on I40 (the road was empty) with this fool staying with me. I don't know if she was afraid of the dark, didn't have a working speedometer, or what, but she was glued to me. I took it up to 80 (I was in basically a police interceptor, though with civilian paint); she stuck with me. I slammed it down to 40 - glue. So eventually I just pulled off at an exit and let her become somebody else's problem.

Of course, in the SMB I can always fantasize about putting a remote release on the black tank....
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Wowbagger, I'm thinking that she thought you were an unmarked cop and there's no way she was going to pass you, no matter what. Some people are like that.

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Originally Posted by TomH View Post
I have often wished I had the money to put sliding retractable doors in the trunk lid of my sedan. The idiot behind me would see the doors open. Out of the trunk slowly rises a little rotating radar dish shaped like the ones on an aircraft carrier....
Dude! You need a Trunk Monkey!

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I just got back from a long road trip and the amount of knuckleheads out there who can't drive is always astonishing. Another one that gets me is the people who can't decide how fast they want to go. On long stretches of fairly clear open road I like to set my cruise control and just let it ride. The number of people who pass then slow down so I pass then pass again is drives me nuts.

I will say, Oregon seems to be one of the worst states for incompetent or simply uneducated drivers. The amount of people driving slow in the left lane while the right lane is open seems to correlate directly with the amount of Oregon plates on the road.
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My Baja Designs dust light does an amazing job of making sure people back off. Generally speaking, I am not exactly holding anyone up when I drive so that light only typically gets used offroad as intended! Pics below are older but you get the idea.

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20160211_162238.jpg   20160211_162301.jpg   20160211_193625.jpg  
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Besides being illegal, tailgating is stupid. Yesterday I saw a semi demolish an SUV, and today I read about this happening near my house. Idiots.

"i live on 12th, the freeway to canada, and we had a girl hit by a car and thrown across the road , the cause was tailgating."

OK, I'm done venting. I'll continue trying to avoid holding up traffic, (not always possible with the mighty 5.4) move over when I can, and accept the fact that there are idiots out there that don't seem to be able to help themselves. Oh yea, someone mentioned that someplaces a right hand turn signal is a message to pass, in Mexico it's the opposite, if someone wants you to pass, they will turn on their left signal which is great, unless they happen to be turning left, it's up to you to guess which. All in all though, that method seems to work pretty well.

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