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Tailgaters, How do you deal with them?

On my way home from the wrecking yard today, there was an accident on the freeway where a semi demolished an SUV by rearending it. I really dislike people who tailgate me and I worry even more when in my van due to the three five gallon gas cans on top of my Aluminess box. I prefer to pull over when it's safe, but that's not always possible. Brake checking can wake them up in a hurry, but you run the risk of them hitting you, or causing a bad accident. I've found that turning on the 4 way flashers gives most people the idea but some persist. So, I wonder how you deal with tailgaters? On a seperate note, the guy behind you with his highbeams on at night is another annoyance, but I've found that you can move your rear view mirror around until it bounces the light back to the offender. You will know when you get it right, cuz they will immediately dim their lights and back way off. It works like a charm, now to find a way to get the tailgaters to back off.

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Drive faster?

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Originally Posted by carringb View Post
Drive faster?
Jeff likes to drive slow. So he collects a lot of tailgaters. I have less of an issue.
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I like to either coast to a crawl or make an evasive maneuver so they think I'm an unstable driver. In either situation, the tailgater will usually pass.
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For some reason idiots love to hang out in my blind spot. It's happened a dozen times to me when I drive the 395 up to Mammoth from LA. Empty highway and some genius decides that it would be great to sit right in my blind spot.

I have tried speeding up, slowing down, you name it. They hover right around me.

One of the reasons I wanted upfitters on the dash was to mount lights all around the perimeter of the van so I can light it up at camp. I figure this will also help on the road when someone decides to hover. I can light up the perimeter as a big F-OFF.

I may even incorporate some of the nasty little optics I did for outdoor lighting which can throw a good little beam pattern right into them. When I do the back bumper, I will put some extra rear lights in there too and can just leave them on if someone needs to read the serial number on my registration sticker.
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In the van I go slow up grades towing a load, and never roll over about 75 anyways. The Fuso cruises at 62 on the flat, so I have a lot of experience with people coming up behind me...

My problem is more when they won't go around when you are trying to let them. If I know I'm slow I try to let folks past - especially climbing a grade when a sporty car comes up behind, I know they don't want to be stuck in my shadow that whole time. In Europe if you put your right turn signal on they know to go around - US not so much.

I also have a rotating amber beacon on the back of the Fuso that I flip on when I'm going slow, that helps to alert the faster vehicles coming up from behind and hopefully saves someone the hassle that will come from rear ending my truck.
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Just ignore? By law they must yield to the car in front and (assuming you have bumpers) any car that hits you is going to end up in much worse shape than you will (minus a bus or a semi). If that doesn't work a brake check will usually snap someone out of their follow trance. If they are too stupid to go around me then I just pretend there's no one there and forget about them
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AT, what lane are you driving in? Get to the right and slow way down. They'll pass.
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people who ride my ass after passing up a chance to pass i assume are drafting. it doesnt happen often, but it does happen. if im actually the one holding up traffic, ill pull over and let people pass. also doesnt happen often, but it does happen from time to time. generally only on dirt when im not concentrating on getting to or from dirt
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It's usually texters, so your speed and lane position are irrelevant. Flick a booger on their windshield, turn on your windshield washer spray, or see if they can help you count the pennies that are sitting in your ashtray.

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