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Ravelco here too in both of our vans. Been about a year and no issues except what Robb said about heart skip when I forget to plug it in. At least in the 7.3, the tip off is the "Wait to start" light does not come on!

I highly recommend it. I would like an alarm for the "unauthorized entry" part but have yet to find one I like.

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VivaLaVida also have a Ravelco installed. Like 1der, I'm thinking about installing an "unauthorized entry" alarm but still haven't done it.

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Originally Posted by 86Scotty View Post
k. I can definitely say that most of the cheap aftermarket alarm systems are essentially junk.
Have you had problems in the past? Mine has survived thousands of off road miles and still works like new. It's not the ultimate theft prevention device, but part of a multi layered system. With the starter interrupt, fuel pump cut out, steering wheel lock, dead bolts, glass break sensor, and loud alarm, I'm hoping a thief will give up as each layer of protection adds to the time it would take to get on the road and they don't want to hang around any longer than necessary. All the above may have cost less than the Revelco too, not that I wouldn't like one.
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Mine works, but just like everything else it is mass produced in China by the lowest bidder. The wiring and relays are really cheap, mine came with a bad relay, any pin switches and accessories that come with most are junk. Like I said, mine works but the quality leaves much to be desired.
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Originally Posted by Jack K View Post
rallypanam, it's good to hear that you like your installation. How long have you had it?
A couple of years... got it pretty quick after getting this van.
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Pull the starter relay and a switch on the break light.

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One of my engine programs is a no-start program safe for diesel engines. It's being installed this week. I had a window busted out of the van at my house and the alarm ran em off. Don't know if that would have helped in a rural setting away from people. I just would like to make sure any anti theft system can be bypassed in some inconspicuous method so I can get out of the areas I go to. It's bad enough having to worry about the engine itself having an issue in the backcountry. I've rigged these bypasses on all my 4x4's in the past but should say I've never had an problem with any of the alarms keeping me from starting the vehicle.
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For those of you that have the Ravelco unit, are you daily driving your van? Just wondering how cumbersome it is to carry the key plug on your every day driver.
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Have not had the key plug cause any issues with carrying it. Even brought it with me when we were skiing, kept in my pants pocket with the ignition key.
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From everything said so far, looks like Ravelco will be the base layer of my security setup.

Next decision will be an alarm system which consists of a glass break sensor, tilt motion sensor, shock sensor, unauthorized entry (doors) sensor & (maybe) a cell phone text alert option. Haven't found anything yet that suits me; in addition to the alarm, the systems out there all include wireless control for start and lock/unlock, like it's a good thing. I'm leery of wireless control, since it can be hijacked by code grabber devices. Just want a good alarm system.

Then there is the idea of using a baby monitor, with a remote motion detector in the van and the alarm unit inside the house, as a way to detect a break-in.

I also like the proposal by Ned555 in the thread "Best Alarm with GPS Tracking?", 4/23/2015, of using a SPOT Trace GPS tracker in case the vehicle actually does get taken. The unit is activated when it senses motion. A lot cheaper than LoJack.

And to round it out, there is various mechanical locking hardware to choose from: engine hood lock, steering wheel lock, clutch / gas pedal / brake pedal locks, Denver Boot wheel lock.

Bottom line for me: a multi-prong approach, thwarting or at least slowing down any miscreant(s) trying to take what's rightfully mine, without being overly paranoid (but enough to be ready just in case).

Thanks for the responses!


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