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Torque foe Tires on SMB

Costco is refusing to fix and reinstall a tire that went flat because I ran over a screw. They require a written statement from Sportsmobile stating the proper torque specification. I bought the four tires from Costco in 2017 and have had them regularly rotated by Costcos around the US with no problem. My SMB is a 2013 Chevy Express 2500, RB50, Electric PH, 2-wheel drive. Tires are Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 2, LT245/75 LRE with 47,000 miles on them. Costco promises to rotate them for free and fix roadside problems like this. SMB sent me a text saying 120 to 140 ft-lbs. Chevy and the Chevy door sticker says 140 ft-lbs. Costco wants it written on letterhead.

Costco says they don't sell tires for RVs or trailers because of the added weight and possible liability.

Anyone else have this problem with Costco? Do you have any advice for me?

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wait, so they wont put the wheel and tie back on the van but they will put the tire on the wheel?

Can you put the spare on, have them fix the tire, then swap it yourself in their parking lot?

Will they not follow the door sticker?

I have given up dealing with costco's tire department because they won't install oversized tires either unless you bring the wheels in off the car. I would pay $25 to a tire shop for the fix and tell costco to pound sand.

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Spare is on now. They didn't fix the tire. They won't follow the door sticker because it is from Chevy, not Sportsmobile! I am thinking of setting up a carnival show of me (old woman, grey hair) in the parking lot putting the tire back on. I would have hand-written signs saying how mean they are.
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Costco put Load Range C tires on my van once. Only found out when the sidewalls started failing on all 4 tires after a short weekend. When I went back, they tried to tell me my size doesn't come in Load Range E (they do) and I don't need them anyways (I most definitely do). Ended up just going to Les Schwab's, and took Costco back their unmounted tires for a full refund under their satisfaction guarantee since they refused to swap them out for Es.
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Torque foe Tires on SMB

Thatís pretty whacky....Iíd see about talking to a store manager.
But in the meantime, I can pile on to this wagon.
While Iím a proud card carrying member, and locations differ, I gave up on our local Costco tire after they consistently missed the mark every time I went in. They were alway under staffed, unrealistic with their timeframe, didnít honor appointment times and marked up our interior when swapping over our winter/summer tires on the Subaru. Just sloppy.
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find a new costco. you are being played by a person that has no clue..
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That’s why I use Discount Tire. Certainly not cheaper, but trust their work and always listen to them. Especially after they advised against driving with “brand new” looking Michelin truck tires on my 4x4 Sportsmobile. Tires were 4 months short of 10 year recommended replacement time. Looked so new that ignored and resulted in exploded rear tire and rollover. Had assumed it was a sales gimmick; researched afterward and found that after 10 years, ozone and natural wear breaks down the glue holding tire layers together: I’m now a believer in going to knowledgeable service people.
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Similar issues here. Since it is not a standard tire, Costco didn't know how to deal with custom PSI that is different from door sticker. I am not criticizing Costco, I understand their position, but it means I can't go there with our van. I now order tires from a local place. Though the tire purchase price was higher, they do the seasonal switch for free (Costco charges $20 per switch). I figured that after about 5 years of use, costco is no longer less expensive. Added bonus is that the local shop requires much shorter waiting time.
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I agree with the general sentiment that Costco is a pain in the a.. when it comes to dealing with their tire shop. Long waits, always a hassle dealing with anything that's not dead stock, and not being ready at the promised time. Perhaps a lack of shop personnel experience thus having to follow the book work for word? No idea. Though they may cost a little more, I've never been disappointed with either Les Schwab or Discount Tire's product or service.
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I've been (and am) disappointed with all of them. They don't do customer service anymore. They do whatever the corporate lawyers deem the employees should do. All of their foolish mistakes are due to the greedy shareholders not wanting to pay decent people to do a job and everyone worried about getting sued, which happens anyway. 'Murica!

Build a garage and do it yourself. You'll always be happy.

Currently vanless. Weird.
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