350 7.3 home brew
A place to document my camper van build
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F6135E06 444C 4FFB 9205 A7DD12E4CCC1
E6E2E634 6D94 4B20 9D3D 20BFFF7251F6
E5233C35 E66C 4E33 99F6 001AC3716AA9 
Counter space
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0C4C5A0C 4BDD 4AFF B0B6 13275F182A4F 
Heater fuel line plumed
7C358009 2383 443D AA73 78E06D9330E5
23295AB0 7B42 4CDD BE87 5BAAFB05D17F
4B470892 A052 4BCE AA93 A5F324DC7722 
Countertop getting glued up today.
65E44B0A BDB1 4B17 890B A6E4CF1BADCD 
Made a little progress on the cabinets
C11E6362 A395 4254 984D 508DD727016C 
Mounted up a few of the doors today
7B32ACA0 3C36 4A02 9094 DB5C3DCC4DC7 
Cabinet doors
167AC7B7 496B 4B42 B4FD B1CE7F7A17BF 
Stuck some laminate on the rear cabinet today.
6FD44109 9B31 4C4A B667 DF1F049DBBC1
B427EB88 785A 4122 BBC3 692F6A41584A
DAF4CC98 6441 4066 9608 F6A95772A6D5
07C89F6F 83C8 4BE4 846A 3E8DE4EC0A03 
Glue and screw day for the rear cabinet
E7917552 D99A 4642 980F 8FB5B4F3D910
7062D9D3 28CB 4489 9D88 3232ECE940B5
B2426DB3 925C 4188 BCD1 B8CA84EBA412
29646D06 980F 474A AB46 70C71A11FBDE
51E181DE 96C8 439C 8618 8D909C41F834
1C09B09D 7C1E 4003 B7C8 ED6AE019A763
0A0E1112 BA6D 4914 8AA9 E01A9E44898F 
Walls cut

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