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saritaymike 08-25-2014 01:53 PM

Sportsmobile -54Kmi- MC Rack and Suspension Upgrade -SOLD-
************************ SOLD ************************


- 54,xxx original miles
- Raised roof
- 5.8l V8 EFI
- 35 gal. fuel tank
- Overdrive
- Cruise-control
- SRS Airbags
- Power windows
- Air-conditioning
- 2-way Viper alarm
- Keyless entry
- Sony stereo CD, Tuner, USB, AUX, SeriusXM Satellite, Pandora
- New Kicker speakers (6)
- CB Radio
- Tinted windows
- Custom-tailored interior curtains
- Factory plastic still covering brand new interior carpeting
- Full-size bed with memory foam mattress
- Rooftop "Fantastic" Vent model 6000 with rain-sensor
- Solar Panel
- Dual battery (full-size heavy-duty auxiliary)
- 800W AC power inverter
- 10 gal propane tank
- 4 burner propane range
- Furnace
- Large Norcold refrigerator (3-way)
- 20 gal. fresh-water tank (indoor)
- 8 gal. water heater
- Sink
- Shower (indoor/outdoor)
- Toilet
- Exterior black and grey water tanks
- Deaver Suspension 1" leaf-spring lift (rear)
- Bilstein Shocks x4 with less than 20K on them
- TMS 1,000lb capacity motorcycle-rack with ramp
- American Overland Expedition custom rear bumper
- Ladder rack
- RoadQuest running boards
- All maintenance records

It took us over 2 years of searching (and saving) to find the perfect adventure rig for touring the country: a 1992 Ford E250 Extended, with a complete custom camper interior. Immaculate engine with extremely low miles, paired with a meticulously cared for, high-quality custom-built interior showing just as little wear. Today, with the factory plastic still covering the untouched carpeting, and only 54,xxx original miles on the odometer, we are making the tough decision to sell our baby.

This van is in top mechanical condition, with detailed documentation for all oil changes, professional maintenance and repairs, as well as receipts depicting the money one will lovingly massage into a vehicle to customize it just right. We looked for the 5.8l EFI engine for its fuel economy and versatility. The small-block holds power to spare, while features like Cruise Control, Overdrive, a 35-gal (larger than stock) fuel tank, and EFI help you maximize your MPG's. Runs and drives perfect, as it should with only an easy 50K highway-mile break-in. This model year is the perfect balance between minimalism and luxury- SRS Airbags, ABS, Cruise-Control, Tilt Steering, Power Windows, and freezing-cold Air Conditioning. With the added 2-way Viper alarm, keyless entry, CB radio, upgraded stereo (CD, USB, Pandora, aux input, Amp, etc) and 6 new Kicker speakers throughout, you have everything you would want and need, without any of the fragile frills and tassels plaguing newer model-years.

No expense was spared realizing our dream of an awesome bug-out camper with a dual-sport motorcycle "escape pod" hanging from the back. We had the guys over at Deaver Suspension in Orange County custom-manufacture an additional leaf-spring for the rear suspension at 35K, and install brand new Bilstein shocks front and rear while they were at it. Alex, at American Overland Expedition in Laguna Hills designed and built a custom rear bumper with a receiver to connect our 1,000lb-capacity TMS motorcycle rack and built-in ramp. Sure, it may have been over-kill for a KLR650, but the peace-of-mind of having these sorts of things done right is priceless.

The interior camper build is spacious and incredibly well designed, with over 6'3'' head clearance and ridiculous amounts of storage. Custom tailored curtains snap-fit to every window for privacy, fabric matching the immaculate seat and bed upholstery. Solid-wood cabinets and pull-out/ pop-up counters for a luxurious and warm feel, with much higher-quality materials than you will see in most modern Sportsmobiles and the like. A 3-way large-capacity Norcold refrigerator + freezer combo works excellent, and is double the size of most RV fridges. Run it off your DC battery while you're driving, plug it in to 120v when practical, or just switch it on to propane mode whenever you want. The 10-gallon propane tank lasts about 2 weeks, and also runs the 4-burner stove, space-heater, and 8 gallon water heater for nice hot showers outdoors, or in the fully functional bathroom. Electric pump feeds water through plumbing from a 20-gallon fresh water tank, which fits indoors under the custom table and convertible couch/bed (to prevent freezing.) Black and grey-water tanks are installed outside, underneath the vehicle. Plenty of windows for ventilation, combined with space fans as well as a rooftop FanTastic brand extraction vent on the top (with "in" and "out" modes.) All interior lights and electric camper appliances run off the full sized RV auxiliary battery under the hood, which charges through the alternator while driving (secondary to main battery) as well as through the large rooftop solar-panel while you're hanging out, so you never have to worry when charging your devices off the 800W power inverter.

The exterior of the van is all white, with paint which we hand-wax ourselves in excellent condition- she has lived a California life, for the most part, with a year in Phoenix, AZ and some National Park tours, keeping her rust-free. Tires are in great shape with plenty of tread. The ladder-rack and RoadQuest running-boards give the exterior a distinguished look without making it flashy, and the lack of decals and decorations make it the perfect vehicle for "flying under the radar" when Urban-Stealth camping. Big enough to live in full time, yet small enough to fit in a parking space at the grocery store or in downtown LA.

It's been our experience that a vehicle like this doesn't come up for sale very often, and doesn't last long when it does. It will be with a knot in our throats that we will watch "Esmeralda" go to a new home much too soon. $14,700 doesn't begin to cover what we have into her, but our recent move to Ashland, OR is forcing us to re-allocate funds. Feel free to contact us by phone or email with any questions. Let's see if I can figure out how to post some decent pictures on here... Thanks!

saritaymike's Library | Photobucket[/url][/IMG]

BrianBlair 08-25-2014 02:31 PM

Re: Custom Self-Contained Ford (Sportsmobile-Similar) Camper
I dig that bumper......very nice.


saritaymike 09-06-2014 07:57 PM

Re: Custom Self-Contained Ford (Sportsmobile-Similar) Camper

Originally Posted by BrianBlair
I dig that bumper......very nice.


Thanks BrianBlair, yeah, it's a pretty solid set-up. We can't imagine the rig without it, now ;)

BroncoHauler 09-06-2014 10:30 PM

Re: Sportsmobile -54Kmi- MC Rack and Suspension Upgrade $14k
Is that MC rack permanently attached, or removable? Very cool.


saritaymike 09-08-2014 10:46 AM

Re: Sportsmobile -54Kmi- MC Rack and Suspension Upgrade $14k
Thanks Herb! It is removable- slides into a regular 2" hitch receiver (which is directly attached to the frame.) I will take it off this weekend and get some pics up without it...

saritaymike 09-25-2014 02:12 PM

Re: Sportsmobile -54Kmi- MC Rack and Suspension Upgrade $14k
After 2 sales fell through, still available. Offers considered.

saritaymike 01-19-2015 10:59 PM

Re: Sportsmobile -58Kmi- MC Rack and Suspension Upgrade
So, the van did enjoy a few more road trips for the winter- mileage is at 58k and change :) Price adjusted, and she's back up for sale!

saritaymike 02-23-2015 01:22 AM

Re: Sportsmobile -54Kmi- MC Rack and Suspension Upgrade
Sale pending, thanks for the interest!

gbail 02-23-2015 03:32 PM

Re: Sportsmobile -54Kmi- MC Rack and Suspension Upgrade
Wow, that took a long time to sell for such a sweet van!

Seller informed me today that sale went thru, so this one is now Gone, Baby, Gone

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