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wish41 04-19-2015 01:11 PM

2008 GMC SMB w/Quigley 4x4-converted 2011-reduced to $50k

Converted by SMB Fresno in late 2010/early 2011 (I obtained info from SMB that shows it was completed in January 2011), so a more recent conversion than the year of the van suggests.

Price: $55,000- reduced to $50,000

VIN: 1GTHG35K581145065

65,5xx miles (will continue to go up as we will continue to use it until sold)

Located near Cleveland, Ohio.

My wife and I are the 2nd owners as of May 2014 and have title in hand; it was shipped from southern California and was not used over the winter. We have put approximately 16,000 miles on it since we obtained it. Also, we are non-smokers.

Why selling? Because my wife and I want to enjoy some international trips over the next few years and it doesn’t make sense to keep the van right now. It’s a tough decision, but the practical one given our intended travel.

Items added/updated since we purchased the van:

1. Cooper AT3 (including the spare) Load E- stock size 245-70-16- they were put on shortly after getting the van- so approximately 17,000 miles on them

2. 2 new house batteries as of April 2015- West Marine (Deka/East Penn) Group 27 AGM- have receipt- 18 month warranty

3. New starting battery in March 2015- Duracell (East Penn) Group 34/78 AGM – have receipt- 36 month warranty

4. New front windshield as of April 2015.

5. The transfer case seal was replaced by a GM dealership when we obtained the van. When the van arrived from being shipped from California last year, I noticed that it was dripping oil. I admittedly freaked out, since the seller did not indicate the issue when we purchased it (ultimately, the seller indicated they did not know about the issue and they helped resolve it). I immediately had my trusted Honda dealer mechanics (who are right down the road from me) and also had my brother-in-law (also trusted and who is also a professional mechanic that lives about 40 minutes away) look the van over thoroughly when we received it. Given the leak and my concern over something not disclosed by the seller, I contacted the seller and they paid for the van to be taken to a GM dealer (local to me and the seller was more comfortable getting a report from them rather than my own mechanics) to look it over as well, and they all reported that the van was in great condition but that the transfer case seal needed replaced and that this was a typical maintenance item. So that was done at that time.

6. New alternator, 2 pulleys, and serp belt as of August 2015 (alternator decided it wanted to start acting up while on a trip to Colorado, so I had it replaced. Pulleys and belt replaced but nothing was wrong with the old ones- one pulley had a little play to it and I just had the shop replace it and the belt as I am obsessive about making sure things are as new and operating as optimal as possible).

Features from original build from SMB:

Manual penthouse top with 2 piece mattress included- also the 2 front side windows have zippers on the screens which make it possible for unobstructed photography from inside of the van

Gaucho that folds into a bed that is 70 inches long x 44 inches wide

Gaucho has 3 seat belts

Gaucho and front seats upgraded with Ultraleather

Swivel passenger seat

Power adjustable driver’s seat (this seat does not swivel, though)

Norcold 3.6 cubic/ft refrigerator (model DE0041)

GE 700 watt microwave

Stainless steel sink with retractable faucet sprayer

Upgraded Corian solid surface countertops (sink countertop is approx. 40 inches x 18 inches)

16.5 gallon water tank

Flatplate exchange heater- provides for hot water at the sink and exterior shower

Exterior shower- attachment inside rear of van

Onan 2.8kw generator- only 59 hours on the generator

Danhard A/C system- separate from van’s normal AC system

2000 watt Tripp-Lite inverter

Upgraded sound system- Power Acoustik 1200 watt amplifier, upgraded front and rear speakers (JL Audio)

Kenwood DNX5160 stereo- built-in Garmin navigation system, ipod/iphone connection (30 pin), dvd player, cd player, Sirius (buyer must purchase/renew subscription)- also has handsfree bluetooth capabilities for phone

Back up camera- that can be viewed on the Kenwood screen

Removable side door pantry with upgraded Corian solid surface top

2 CR Laurence awning windows (one on driver side and one on passenger side)- both with day/night shades

Slide curtains on remaining windows

All windows tinted

Marine vinyl floor w/ carpet overlays

Aluminess rear swing-away tire rack

Thule roof rack w/ 4 towers and 2 load bars (towers attach to mounts that are on a track system- making the setup adjustable)

Rear ladder

Curtains for front window and to separate rear of van from the fridge back to the rear doors

Other misc:
30 amp cord
Rack for hanging clothes in rear (removable)
Table- it is free moving

Note that there is no propane system- but you can still get hot water from the flatplate exchange heater

Also note that there is no gray water tank- there is a drain from the sink to the exterior of the van in the rear passenger side wheel well. A hose and portable, collapsible 5 gal container attachment are used to capture drain water. I recently modified to also allow to capture the gray water inside the van under the sink in 2.5 gallon containers.

Given all the upgrades and amenities, if the same conversion was done by SMB today, it would cost approximately $95,000.

The van is in great condition, inside and out

Everything works as it should.

The van has the 6.0 v-8 engine.

Issues to note:

1. There are a couple scrapes (about 2-3 inches) in the tint (not the window itself) on one of the rear windows.

2. The front seats (especially the drivers) has some wear visible attributable to getting in/out of the van. We bought some cheap seat covers a couple months ago to help future wear/tear.

3. There are some marks here and there on the exterior of the van, which is normal “wear and tear”. The exterior is in great condition, but it is not 100% perfect and is not a brand new van. I just want to mention that for full disclosure, so potential buyers have realistic expectations.

The van gets 14-15 mpg (in 2wd), which I think is good given the weight of the interior items and the 4x4 system.

The van has been stored indoors while in our possession. The original owner also stored this indoors (that’s what they told me and the condition suggests it, but I obviously can’t validate that). We did NOT drive it over the winter months, when there is salt on the roads in Ohio. It was kept in the indoor storage during that time and every day we do not use it.

Many people look for the “50” floor plan, but this configuration (I think it’s close to the “34” plan) makes it (in my opinion) even more functional and accessible given the ability to walk through to/from the rear. It feels it would be more open to me than a “50” floor plan would allow, but I have not had experience with a “50” plan. My view is biased, obviously.

I’ve tried to be as detailed as possible, but, if you are a serious buyer, please let me know on here or via PM if you have any questions.

See more photos in my gallery.


BrianW 04-20-2015 07:55 AM

Re: 2008 GMC SMB w/Quigley 4x4- converted in 2010/11-$55,000
Very nice-looking van!

Looking at the interior layout, I bet a third captain's chair could be added just inside the barn doors if the door box on the "40" door was removed, assuming there is enough clearance when the gaucho is opened up. Just a thought for those who might need that extra forward-facing seat option.

Viva 04-20-2015 09:43 AM

Re: 2008 GMC SMB w/Quigley 4x4- converted in 2010/11-$55,000
I like the combination of aisle layout and door galley. That's a great idea!

skyrat 04-20-2015 11:23 AM

Re: 2008 GMC SMB w/Quigley 4x4- converted in 2010/11-$55,000
Clean looking van. If you have been looking for this floor plan, a GM product or are convinced by this van that it works for you, this could be the one.

steven2 04-22-2015 02:48 PM

Re: 2008 GMC SMB w/Quigley 4x4- converted in 2010/11-$55,000
no propane means no heat i assume? great looking van. may try to come look at.

wish41 04-22-2015 05:20 PM

Re: 2008 GMC SMB w/Quigley 4x4- converted in 2010/11-$55,000
Correct, there is no additional heater/furnace. Please pm me and we can coordinate date/time.

jage 04-22-2015 10:10 PM

Re: 2008 GMC SMB w/Quigley 4x4- converted in 2010/11-$55,000
What is the space between the driver's side cabinet and the rear door like?

Pretty interesting layout.

eddyturn 04-22-2015 11:18 PM

Re: 2008 GMC SMB w/Quigley 4x4- converted in 2010/11-$55,000
I like the layout for sure. Storage space at the rear for stacking up groceries. :a1:

gcvt 04-22-2015 11:37 PM

Re: 2008 GMC SMB w/Quigley 4x4- converted in 2010/11-$55,000
Beautiful van and excellent layout.

wish41 04-23-2015 03:30 AM

Re: 2008 GMC SMB w/Quigley 4x4- converted in 2010/11-$55,000
Jage, here is a pic of the space behind the fridge cabinet. We use it for 2 camping chairs, 2 sleeping bags, at least one of our backpacks, the 30 amp cord, the freshwater hose, tire jack, and table leg. It is a very useful space. I forget the dimensions specifically but hopefully the pic helps.

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