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CaptainVo 07-13-2015 11:11 PM

Misery Loves Company
First off this is not a post about trashing Sportsmobile in any way. I love my van and I understand that although it is 4x4 and pretty burly it is still an RV. What I don't have the ability to do though is slow down while driving on logging roads and through questionable back woods rock gardens.

The good thing is that now the van and I have come to an understanding. Since I'm not nice to her she is going to punish me in the only way she knows how, to break constantly. She never leaves me stranded, well not yet, but man I'm always busting something. Luckily I've reached the point where it's just funny now and if I don't break something during the trip it just doesn't feel right.

Thought it might be fun to vent a bit at the dumb things some of us do to our rigs and the results of such activities.

One such event was at the beginning of the summer. I had yet to replace the shocks on the good old quigley and decided a day of fishing in the Idaho mountains was called for. The wife and my 7 month old piled in and away we went. At multiple points during this trip both my wife and I hit the ceiling and almost lost a few teeth on some of the shadow hidden pot holes. The rusty old girl, not the wife, got me home with no issues but the next morning all was not well.

So what broke this time you might ask? The parking brake boot, vacuum pump for the power brakes, plug under the valve covers and the engine control module. At least I didn't mess up my water heater or fridge this time though.

So lets hear what you broke lately because we all know misery loves company.

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