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MSD 07-20-2016 03:06 PM

Testing the waters… fixed High tops
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I'm not a vendor yet, but since I'm in the composites industry I figure I'll test the waters to see if this is viable at least on a smaller scale.

In my daily communications within the composites industry I was introduced to a gentleman that used to fabricate custom high tops for ford vans. He still has all the molds (one which is the same top that is on member Pschitt - VivaLaVida) or very similar. Looks identical to me…

Long story short he is open to starting up again in a venture with myself. I have one on the way and will be installing it on my van in the coming weeks. Pictures to follow…

Question to the group is… How much interest do you think there is for an affordable, quality high Top for Ford E350 vans from 1992 to 2014. We have 12 different styles of Molds but we will narrow that down as I want to keep it simple.

The key word here is affordable and quality, yes you can get both and not have to pay an arm and a leg. What’s affordable $1600.00 retail for a 24” High top (picture here) and we have a great shipping source, I just had mine shipped for $265.00 from the east coast. So this would be for the DIY guy, unless I decide to do installs, but that would be from Colorado.

Let me know your thoughts please. :)

Kind Regards
Mark aka MSD

BroncoHauler 07-20-2016 04:05 PM

Always nice to see more options coming to the market.


gnty 07-20-2016 04:16 PM

I certainly think there is more room for another supplier and certainly one that would be in the price range your talking about. The two most popular ford tops for Fiberine/SMB would be the Voyager styler and Super Camper style. I could not find anything like the super camper anywhere and so that was the deciding factor for me. and ya, paid a lot. Shipping alone was $1000 to montana plus $375 crate fee. When you can't find what you want, you pay dearly when you find it. The top you have pictured sure looks nice. The other top that i really tried to get was the Adventurewagen but SMB wouldn't do it as i believe they have the mould now from ED. I def think there is a market for the fixed top and hear more and more all the time that either wished they had or are changing to a fixed top. I am one of those.

86Scotty 07-20-2016 04:38 PM

Nice! There will be interest. Howbout a Chevy mold?

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wl1193 07-20-2016 05:03 PM

I'm interested in one for a 2006 EB E250. Similar to the Fiberine 20" aerodynamic top with sliding window.

Jsweezy 07-20-2016 05:58 PM

I still haven't decided which top I want to go with but I know I like the look of the one in the photo you attached.

How paintable are these tops?

MSD 07-20-2016 08:03 PM

Thanks BroncoHauler ☺

I was in the same boat gnty, and I was having a funny conversation talking to a friend on the phone and then all of sudden I was introduced to Jack (who has all the molds)

86Scotty I was talking with Jack today about other models he actually destroyed all his dodge and chevy molds a few years back… ☹ my jaw sorta just dropped when I heard that, for now we are going to focus on Ford since it seems that it’s the most common van.

Wl1193 I’ll get back to you on the aero top mold once I see it, I’m gonna need to fly out an take a look at all the molds and make a few assessments.

Jsweezy they are paintable for sure, they just need a wet sanding and primer base and they can be painted.

One thing that I ran into when looking for a top was that I keep getting pushed off to either CCV or Boulder off road, no one would sell direct to me…

We are wanting to offer an excellent product to the DIY/Builder, plus possible assistance with installs with a white glove delivery service were I would deliver the top personally and help with the install if needed. Again for a very reasonable price, which has yet to be determined but will be an affordable option.

We will be doing two installs hopefully next week, one on my EB and one on a buddy’s Standard wheels base so I should have some pictures soon.

Thanks for the feed back guys, please keep it coming.


neatvan 07-21-2016 12:46 AM

I'm a fixed high top lover and agree with gnty. I've been trying to source a model similar to the super camper top, and fiberine has been my only source. I'd love to have another option, especially in your price range. Keep us posted!

freeagent 07-21-2016 08:50 AM

Add me to the list! I don't currently have the money to add a pop top from any of the current vendors that offer one, so I've been considering a high top as a more affordable alternative to increase my interior space. The only reason I haven't done it yet is because of the shipping logistics with Fiberine and the cost/risk associated with it. The more everything costs, and the closer I get to the cost of the pop top, the more I hesitate.

However, your option sounds like it will end up being reasonable all the way around and I planned on installing my own anyway. I've been leaning towards either a 20" or 24" top, but open to whatever other options you end up with. Thanks for at least considering to take this on.

bemerritt 07-21-2016 11:11 AM

Definitely have been looking for one recently. The super top looks awesome and if the price is right, i'd drive right out from CA and pick it up!

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