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EmMay 02-26-2017 06:46 AM

My Sweetheart Drove up Boulder Alley after Knee Surgery
This portion is cut from another thread and may be a better home:

Mitch is an ol' SEAL, original late 60's model SEAL when there were still guys called UDT. He told LuLu, my sweetheart, of course you can drive this rig up Boulder Alley, let's review how to drive in 4low!

I wasn't there, I was hiking and rappelling down Cougar Creek's canyon, down from the headwaters on the reservation above Warner Springs and out into the Collins Valley of the Anza Borego desert.

But LuLu is sharp, and brave and pays attention. Mitch got the ARB lockers charged up and engaged, got the Atlas 2 in low 4, put the engine in low on the column and off she went following as he walked ahead and scouted the route.She had her knee wrapped in bandages and a cool ice pack to keep the swelling down. She was 72 hours outta major knee surgery.

She bumped and crawled, tilted and crept on up; and there are some massive boulders to navigate; she cracked up when she got to the top quarter: there waiting, were ten Jeep Ranglers, idling standing down, mouthes agape as along comes the e350, RB, 4 by slowly steadily eating up the hill. Magnum growl low and deep moving up. Every head turned, every jaw dropped as her smiling face came into focus. She told me the first dude called out, 'That's a chick driving that F-ing van!"

At first she she said they were looking pissed to have to wait for this rookie show going down, but as she passed the last rigs they were clapping and cheering her on...

She's a soft spoken, former collegiate swimming champion. Never brags, never proud never offers any info to you to think she's done some cool stuff: but I could see it in her eye when I finally got into camp and Mitch told the whole story...

There's been no turning back.

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