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billaquiles 02-05-2018 07:48 PM

Hey 1der do you have any passenger seat swivel bases left? Would love to get one!


mesa 02-08-2018 05:30 PM

I'm a new member (hi everyone!) who is also interested in a pair of swivel bases for my new 2006 E250.

1der - do you have enough interest for the aforementioned May-delivery batch?

gnty 02-09-2018 12:24 PM

Im also interested in a number of seat bases, do you have any left overs or when would your next group buy be?


1der 02-09-2018 12:32 PM

Hi All, Based on the interest here and elsewhere, it looks like I have enough to get another buy going. Ten is the magic number to meet the minimum.

Please send me what you want in terms of bases and your zip code for shipping quote. For Canada people: Please see if you can arrange a US pickup address. The shipping to Canada is REALLY expensive. Also, If you and a friend want bases and you are near to each other, I can combine the shipment into one box. Two units fit in one box and splitting the shipping saves a nice amount.

I am figuring a ship date around first week of April. Lead time is five weeks, plus a couple of weeks for people to get paid up. Let me know if any questions!


gnty 02-09-2018 03:22 PM

Thanks Ray,

Yes I will be having them shipped to a Montana address and just running down to pick them up. I will get my qty's worked out for you.

Thanks again,

billaquiles 02-10-2018 06:22 AM

Hey Ray,

Just sent you a PM regarding my order.


DrewMoto 02-10-2018 10:39 AM

Hi Ray,

I sent you a PM a couple days ago saying I'm strongly I'm upgrading that to "count me in" given that there is certainly going to be a GB happening right away.

I'll send another PM just firming things up.


1der 02-11-2018 01:08 PM

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Hi All, I have responded to the PM's and inquiries here. If you did not receive a PM, please ping me with your zip code and what you want and I will get the shipping quotes out to you. Shipping is targeted for April 7 or so, for this upcoming batch.

Pricing is $195 for the Passenger, $205 for the Driver. Shipping is added. Please get your payment in as soon as possible.

These will work with the stock Ford seats. These units replace the entire stock pedestals. If you have power seat bases, these will not work with the power seat bases. I think if you want to get rid of the power seat base then these should work so the seat itself mounts to the bases.. (We can explore this further, if anyone is interested).

These will work with nearly any 4x4 conversions and clear the transfer case floor shifter. If you have a question about your specific floor mount shifter, then let's discuss to see if it will work.

Installation: These are pretty easy to install. Tools needed: TORX-55, 15 mm and 18 mm wrenches, a sharp knife / box cutter, and needle nose pliers to mod the wire. Cargo vans with rubber flooring is super easy, passenger vans with factory carpet - it is best to trim away some of the carpet and certainly the padding and insulation under the carpet. If you want some help or want me to do the install and are in the SoCal or SF Bay Area, we can discuss your situation.

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Smoker 02-11-2018 02:06 PM

I finally got around to installing my driver and passenger swivels. The installation was pretty easy. I didn't need to extend the wire and I didn't have to disassemble the connector to pass it through the hole in the passenger base. I may go back to address this later, but there's still plenty of length to turn the seat without it tugging on the wire. Driver side was a little trickier due to what I understand is the RCM unit. I have a 2013 E350 and the RCM is metal (not covered with plastic). I added a few washers to give a little more space. My van is a Ujoint conversion and the driver seat clears the shifter. Ray was awesome guiding me through the install when I had questions. These swivels are a game changer for interior flexibility with my planned layout. I have 2 Siennas like in the picture above. So I can seat 4 with plenty of room to move around, and insert a table. I had considered a dinette behind the Siennas, but I don't need that now. This is way better. If you're on the fence, go for it. You won't regret it.

gnty 02-13-2018 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by 1der (Post 221525)
These will work with nearly any 4x4 conversions and clear the transfer case floor shifter. If you have a question about your specific floor mount shifter, then let's discuss to see if it will work.

Thanks and sounds like quigley and ujoint conversions are non issues. Does anyone know for sure weather their is any interference with SMB conversion with the 2 floor shifter's of the Atlas 2 T-case?


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