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Bassy7 09-20-2017 08:39 PM

I'd like both a drivers and passenger side swivel seat base, shipped to 23139.

But I do have a few questions...

Do These work on a E350 2008?

The bench seat directly behind my front captains chairs is about 4"-5" further forward than the stock position. Will these bases still have room to swivel at the way around? Will they then be able to slide backwards (towards the dashboard) after they are turned 180 degrees to allow a little more space between them and that more forward mounting bench?

jydog 09-21-2017 04:42 AM

passenger shipped to 30224

vanderpooch 09-23-2017 06:13 AM

Payment sent!

Econoliner 09-23-2017 06:17 PM

Am I too late for both driver and pass? Been out van camping for the past month with limited connectivity. Be home Tuesday to 49690. I installed Dometic/Atwood bases a couple years ago and they have been the nightmare on elm street. Total garbage. Was there a video someplace with a rotation demo?
I was in the Fiamma group buy with you a couple years ago.


1der 09-23-2017 10:49 PM

Not too late, just be quick! I sent you the shipping quote.

Same for anyone else, please get your zip to me asap!!

Thxs, Ray

1der 09-25-2017 03:44 PM

Placing order tonight. I will order some extras which will be available on a first paid gets 'em basis. So, if you are not in yet, you still have a limited chance. Thxs!!!


Rufus120 09-26-2017 11:50 PM

Hello Ray,

I would like to grab a passenger one if they are available? PM sent for payment info

Bassy7 09-28-2017 03:16 PM

1der. I sent you payment for 1 passenger and 1 driver base yesterday.

Thank you


1der 09-29-2017 11:59 PM

Cool, thank you.

Just back this afternoon from a four day 20 plus miles of backpacking over Mono Pass into Pioneer Basin. Beautiful area but a difficult hike!

I will get info to the PM's I received while incommunicado at 11,000 ft .

PB10960 10-03-2017 05:34 AM

I have a 2014 E350 van with manual seats. Will these work? If so I want a driver and a passenger seat!. Thank you

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