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MountainBikeRoamer 09-30-2017 03:11 PM

Basic 30A Converter Charger - Free
Free to any local member:
(Local Pickup Only --- Orange County, CA area)

This is the original 30 amp "Todd Engineering" Converter/Charger that my 1995 Sportsmobile came with. I finally updated to a newer multi-stage converter charger so this one is up for grabs, if anyone thinks they might find a use for it.

Still works great!

There's definitely more sophisticated battery charging to be had in a more recent charger. But if someone needs one of these to function solely as a 110AC-to-12V DC converter --- it does a fine job of that. And if you're okay with monitoring your house battery while you use it, to make sure you're not overcharging it (this is only a single stage charger), then this is still a workable unit. I believe it puts out a steady-state 12V battery-charge rate of somewhere around 13.2 volts or so.

Here's a thread from a while back where daveb and Scalf77 discussed this same model charger, it sounds like it can be rigged to also put out 14.2 volts if you are savvy with electrical.

Todd Engineering PC-30

again -- Local Orange County, CA area pickup only ---

(*or I can bring it to the upcoming Camper Vans / Coffee meetup in Silverado Canyon on Sunday October 22nd if anyone's planning to check that out.)

Southern California Camper Vans and Coffee, October 22nd


DCHitt 09-30-2017 04:42 PM

You are too far away for me but that supply makes a great 12 volt source for Ham or CB radio gear. I believe you can adjust the voltage with a pot inside the box.

deshet 10-01-2017 05:55 AM

I will pay you to ship it to me. The Money can be sent PayPal friends and family today. Please PM me your details.


MountainBikeRoamer 10-01-2017 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by deshet (Post 213197)
I will pay you to ship it to me. The Money can be sent PayPal friends and family today. Please PM me your details.


Hi deshet ---
Hey, I appreciate your offer to pay for having this sent...but I'd really rather not deal with boxing this up/shipping it/ensuring it is safely transported.
(That's why I specified "local pickup only")

I'll happily box/ship all sorts of other kinds of things! But I really think an older, possibly semi-sensitive electrical device is best handed off directly to someone.

Tell ya what though --- if you're that determined to get this, PM me and we can have a side conversation about it. :b5: But at this point I'd still prefer to let a local member grab it up....just want to pass it along.

So at the moment -- officially -- this is still up for grabs/available to a local member for local pickup.

Ljhans 08-15-2018 11:39 AM

Replacement for Todd PC-30
MountainBikeRoamer - your post notes you replaced your original converter/charger. I believe this is in my future, along with a battery. Can you tell me what battery or batteries you have and what your replacement converter/charger you went with? I have a 1990 Dodge Ram 250 SMB. Thank you.

MountainBikeRoamer 08-15-2018 01:15 PM

Ljhans ---
Hiya! For sure, here ya go:

Check and see what your currently-installed original charger is rated at (amps) --- since your van was wired for that amperage range to begin with, you'll probably want to stay in the same amperage range with a new charger.

My Sportsmobile's originally-installed "Todd Engineering" Charger was a 30A unit, so I decided to stay in that same exact range and go with a new Progressive Dynamics 30-amp charger, model number 9130. I also added their "Charge Wizard" gizmo to it, which enables three (or maybe even four) stage charging. (This is an absolute must-do, in almost everyone's opinion, to get the most longevity out of your house batteries.)

Progressive Dynamics 9130:

"Charge Wizard" attachment (model number PD9105) for the 9130:

I dropped in a brand-new Exide Nautilus Group 27 (Lead-Acid Deep-Cycle) and have been very happy with it. Another buddy uses these in his SMB and he recommended them, I've found em to hold charge great and have a very respectable amp-hour rating.

Pretty sure it's the "Exide 27MDC."

(**It's possible I have a group 31....can't remember at the moment....that would be the "31MDC."

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