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MountainBikeRoamer 11-22-2017 10:58 PM

FS: 2005 low-mile V10 RB - Oregon
While there's only a few pics on the CL listing, this does indeed seem legit.

I texted back and forth with the seller yesterday/today, and he passed along about ten new photos that he took today. It's an RB30-type layout (walk-through) and has a sink/fridge but no propane. If anyone's interested let me know and I'll try to get the additional pics posted that he sent me today.

Seems a pretty well kept rig!
The lack of propane counts me out of the running in pursuing this one, but someone with more Eskimo in their blood ought to be pretty happy with this van.

No affiliation.



I have traversed the country 5 times and seen amazing places all over the lower 48. Saved a bunch of money on hotel costs as I stayed in wal-mart parking lots, free camping spots and boondocks alike. With the size of the van you can pull off "stealth camping" and remain unbothered by aggressive locals and law enforcement.

However much I enjoyed owning this Sportsmobile ($35k I bought it for in 2013) I am a business owner who must liquidate some serious assets in order to make some serious adjustments to my operation--but my loss would definitely be your gain. This Sportsmobile I have tweaked and added tastefully to for the past 3 years I have owned it: solar panels were definitely a must where I lived in LA; the DVD, fridge, tires and Thule sport cargo box on top are all relatively new.

Solar panels, sink, dvd player, picnic table, wardrobe closet, couch, upper movable bed, pop-top second floor to walk upright once lifted. Search light, sub-floor storage, new fridge, microwave, everything you would need to live anywhere minus a shower :)))


gcvt 11-22-2017 11:59 PM

I'm always amazed at how many people just don't understand the power of multiple large format photos. It's a 2005 Sportsmobile, not a 2005 Honda Civic.

MountainBikeRoamer 11-23-2017 09:49 AM

I agree!

Everyone seemingly has a different capability to grasp the selling power of a well-photographed/documented/presented item. (Or the ability or time to create such a listing....)

This guy just sounded pretty darn busy and unable to devote much time to the listing. (He actually apologized for the sparse photos right away, seems he had a bunch of pictures get lost when he upgraded to a new phone. Still, he was quick to get outside and take new photos when I inquired. Seems like super nice guy.

Thinking....that I might just do him a solid, and upload some of his pictures here for you guys to scope out. (Doesn't help him with his spotty CL ad, but gives some of you possibly-interested guys a better look anyway...)

(I'll first ask if he's okay with sharing 'em....and then go for it if he's cool with it. He may still be planning to update that CL ad soon.)


Lance 11-23-2017 10:28 AM

Mike, I'm fairly interested. I'm in Eugene area, so pretty close. Do you know if it's a 250 or 350? Bummer about propane, I prefer propane for frigs myself. Would have to install system. Love those RB 30s. thanks Lance Happy Thanksgiving!!!

MountainBikeRoamer 11-23-2017 03:07 PM

Hi Lance, not sure if it's an E250 or an E350.
EDIT: the Craigslist ad listing actually indicates it's an E350.

But on another note ---
--- just heard back from the seller a couple minutes ago, he's fine with sharing the van photos on here.

(He also says "happy turkey day!")

I'll direct-post-em here in this thread.

MountainBikeRoamer 11-23-2017 03:12 PM

6 Attachment(s)
First round of his pics.
(And of course they post sideways....)

Lance 11-23-2017 11:11 PM

Thanks Mike. It's got the cabinets the way I like them. Frig on couch side and low counter on door side. Looks a bit messy but sounds like a busy fellow. I'll keep you posted. later Lance

Lance 11-24-2017 09:49 PM

Went up to take a look with intentions to buy but was disappointed. Body and running gear were good but interior was rough. The layout was quite modest and very few cabinets. Lots of open space if someone wants that but not enough storage for our needs. Funny it had 6' couch in a RB, took up space needed for storage. Small frig, no stove. Kind of a weekend rig, where we winter in Baja. Nice fella but doesn't seem to be mechanically inclined. Not cleaned or sale ready in any way. Had to jump start. Drove nice though. If I bought it, I'd rip out inside and start over. For me, it should have 5' couch and if it did I could build from there but didn't. Last straw. Stuff added to exterior that interfered with roof opening and closing. Could be made right or removed but kind of bad sign. Seems overpriced at present condition. Not close to"excellent". Sure was hoping it was my new SMB. The search continues....Lance

MountainBikeRoamer 11-24-2017 10:14 PM

Arghhh. :(
Yeah, at the price he's asking.....the van should have been pretty well sorted out. V10 is a nice motor, but......

Sorry if my enthusiasm for this van made it seem like a better possibility for you than it turned out to be.

Sounds like you turned it down for some pretty valid reasons......and as such, you probably won't be the last person to feel the same way. So....maybe his price will drop sufficiently in the next couple weeks (months?) to make this a more attractive option at some point.

Again, sorry Lance!

Lance 11-25-2017 10:18 AM

Mike, Please don't feel bad. It's all part of the SMB game. I PMed you. later Lance

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