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Fool120 08-14-2018 08:46 PM


Originally Posted by 86Scotty (Post 232585)
Wow, Agile has gone up! IIRC my Fox shocks were about $150 apiece, Moog front coils were about $100 and larger spring blocks for the rear about $50. Plus a day's labor in my driveway and all my stuff that came off was rusting to bits. Oh, steering stablilzer and brackets maybe $200 more. I'm coming up with less than $1k. Has it gone up that much?

I too, put on most of the Agile RIP kit, in my driveway: front coils, 4 Fox shocks, steering stabilizer, and antisway bar brackets and bushings. Spent a bit over $1k. Ready to now change out the rear springs too. The change with the Agile kit was amazing, from a bouncy, bottoming out, harsh ride, to smooth comfortable ride that's also better in the dirt. Night and Day.

Cali Native 08-20-2018 11:13 AM

Sure wish I'd got the coil over instead of the leaf spring front.
There's not a whole lot you can do on mine other than Fox shocks which I think help quite a bit but not according to the wife .
I also talked to Agile who conceded they had experimented some and gave up on modding the leaf spring Dynatrac front ends.
It is just such a stiff ride at this stage we'll probably be selling soon.

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