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DonnaDevol 09-29-2018 04:15 PM

New transit with Quigley 4x4 vs E350 V10 with UJOR?
I'm in position to purchase one of two vehicles.
Newer, more expensive, less robust (am I giving myself away?) Transit 350 with Quigley 4x4 vs. 2010 E350 V10 UJOR, 35", Aluminess bumpers all around.
Both have advantages and I'd like to get opinion of SMB community. Vehicle is intended for extended camping adventures including BLM lands but not Moab-level trails.
Vehicles haven't been upfitted with a lot of mostly looking for opinions on the raw vehicle.
I need to pick one.
1. 2018 HR transit with Quigley 4x4. Primary options are ambulance package, eco-boost engine, and cruise control. 0 miles; $56k
2. 2010 V10 E350 EB with $30k of UJOR upfits including 4x4, lockers, Aluminess front, rear, and nerf. Not abused. 90k miles; $40k. Most miles were by carpet installer, pre-UJOR, not an adventurer

kreese 09-29-2018 04:47 PM

I did #1 except went with QuadVan 4x4 instead of Quigley. My outdoor adventure plans are similar to yours. My 2018 Ford Transit HR EL is now in production at SMB. Could’ve chosen any platform I wanted. This one is perfect for me.

larrie 09-29-2018 05:27 PM

Are you planning on outfitting the interior yourself or having a company like Sportsmobile do it? Either van will do what you want. The V10 has lots of miles left in it. I would take the 2010 and and put the dollar difference into making the interior comfortable for backcountry travel and living.

BroncoHauler 09-29-2018 05:30 PM

Make sure to get Eric's input (86Scotty), since he's had many a van, including E350's and a Transit.


DonnaDevol 09-29-2018 05:53 PM

continued thread Transit HR Quigley vs E350 UJOR
Thanks, Friends!
Not sure I'm posting responses in the correct locations.
Larrie: I will probably hire capable mechanics/electricians/carpenters to do interior upfit. I used to have tools to do it myself know, divorce happens. I'm also leaning towards the V10.

DonnaDevol 09-30-2018 07:24 AM

Responding to Kreese
Thanks, Kreese! I would love to see pics of your fitout after you get it back from SMB. I didn't see any photos of Quadvan transit conversions so wasn't sure they did them. Would be interested to know the specs on your Quad.
SMB conversions really hold their value so may finish my upfit with them.

86Scotty 09-30-2018 10:03 AM

They both have distinct advantages and disadvantages. If you are doing mild offroading I would definitely go for the Transit. Disclaimer: MILD offroading is all that 99% of us will ever do in a van. They're simply too big/tall/expensive/etc. for heavy off-roading. The two biggest reasons are fuel mileage (It will be a solid 5 mpg more with the Transit, maybe more) and ON-road ride. A Transit drives like a minivan. It is totally smooth and comfortable on the road, I mean sedan-like, not truck like. The V-10 with Ujoint will be a beast capable of getting you anywhere but is not going to ride as well as a Transit on the road, or be as smooth and quiet. The Ecoboost has the same power as the V10 practically, and is far more than you need unless you are towing heavy things.

I could go a lot deeper but I'll just say this. Many won't like it and that's fine. My reputation here is well known as an E-series van fan who bought a Transit hesitantly (as a work vehicle) and more or less fell in love. Here it is: Time marches on. The E-series has a lot of plusses that the Transit (or Sprinter or Promaster) may never live up to. It is essentially bulletproof. It is body on frame and all of it's issues have been worked out of it since it's been the same for 25 years. We're in year number 4 for the North American Transit and upgrades and improvements are being made left and right.
Sadly for us all the E-series is disappearing. Your investment in an E-series will not have the staying power that an investment in a Transit will have. Do you care? That is the question. The Transit is the new E-series. Ford isn't going back at this point. They are selling Transits like nothing else to folks like us and fleets, service industry, shuttles, etc. It's going to get harder to sell an E-series and after a few weeks driving a Transit you will definitely see the datedness of an E-series. The layout, controls, mirrors, headroom, climate control, suspension, transmission, efficiency, and virtually everything else are worlds better.

I've rambled on plenty. I look at E-series every day and will probably buy another for something or other but it will be for a specific purpose when I do. Just make sure of your purpose.

There is one more person who frequents this forum who is a fan of both and has made the leap to Transit. He is far more technically savvy than me and his input might help you out. Hopefully he will chime in. Where are you Michael Gabriel (MGmetalworks)?

Good luck!


86Scotty 09-30-2018 10:15 AM

Other thoughts worth mentioning. The Quigley Transit adds 2" of lift and worlds of capability. From what I've heard it drives and handles no differently than a 2wd Transit.

GO DRIVE ALL 3!!! (2wd Transit because they're easy to find, 4wd Transit and Ujoint). 15 minutes in each will probably narrow down your thinking completely.

I have a Sportsmobile for sale. It's a 7.3 Quigley and a rather nice one. It's owner wants something quieter, newer and less likely to need maintenance/attention. She borrowed my Transit and used it for the last month while I've had hers for sale. She is now trying to buy my Transit. I'm probably not going to sell though.

mgmetalworks 09-30-2018 11:08 AM


Originally Posted by 86Scotty (Post 236567)

There is one more person who frequents this forum who is a fan of both and has made the leap to Transit. He is far more technically savvy than me and his input might help you out. Hopefully he will chime in. Where are you Michael Gabriel (MGmetalworks)?

Good luck!


For me...Transit, no question. The Quigley Transits drive almost identically to a stock Transit. The steering racks in a 2wd are different than the 4wd and the steering feels a little lighter/easier in a Quigley but other than that, they drive the same.

I have a couple lingering E-series projects in the queue but dozens of Transit, Sprinter, Promaster projects lining up and no end in sight. The E-series still has a following but the more modern vans are accelerating in popularity.

arctictraveller 09-30-2018 08:21 PM

I'm a die hard E series fan, but I want my van to be able to do some hard core wheeling if I choose. I do a lot of off road miles, and it goes pretty much anywhere it fits, but at the cost of a much harsher ride, somewhat vague steering, and less room than a Transit. Still, it's worth it to me.

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