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TomH 10-07-2018 08:10 PM


Originally Posted by kreese (Post 237145)
TomW it sounds like you're talking about this yellow SMB Sprinter+Jeep from member @fremebe. She posted three videos of her setup recently - pretty unique and worth watching.

I'm TomH, but yea..that's her. (Or for my grammar police friends, That is she.)

86Scotty 10-07-2018 09:38 PM

Very nice Donna! Congrats. You're gonna love it.


TomH 10-07-2018 09:52 PM

Yes, Donna. That is one sweet rig! Congratulations!

OurayMark 10-07-2018 10:22 PM

Hi TomH!
Thanks for your advice on the White Rim trail and on Towing a Jeep with a Sprinter.
I am a somewhat of a manifestation of DonnaD’s fears in that I don’t want to damage our new SMB Sprinter on trails beyond its (or my) comfort zone. I’d rather scratch our heavily built Jeep than the Sprinter. Also, with Terraflex built-up one-ton axles, HD Atlas t-case, 37” MTs on military double beadlocks, etc., the Jeep is much less likely to suffer mechanical or underbody damage. But then the Jeep doesn’t have an indoor shower, comfy beds, Espar heat and hot water, etc! So which do we take on White Rim? Given these concerns which would you take Tom?

In the first attached photos you can see the bikes and kayaks we often haul on the back of our SMB. In the second photo you can see how much higher our rock-crawler Jeep is than our Sprinter hitch. (As an aside, you can also see our 1950 Willys Overland Jeep pickup body mounted on low-mileage Daimler Chrysler Jeep mechanicals and stretched frame in that same photo).

While I am a retired geologist, I worked as a 4x4 mechanic during HS and college to support my Jeep habit. Nevertheless, I appreciate advice about successfully towing lifted Jeeps with Sprinters. I’ll need a safe way to account for the height difference, and an electric brake system in the Jeep to keep it legal. Then I’ll need a quick and safe may to mount our kayaks and our e mountain bikes to the Jeep!

When the kids were still small we towed a fifth wheel trailer with a 4x4 truck. Now that we are retired ‘empty nesters’, we like to travel ‘light’ whenever we can, in campers no bigger than a parking space. In general we prefer not to tow anything. Hence our 19.5’ SMB camper van. But it would be nice to tow the Jeep sometimes. Definitely not a fifth wheel AND a boat like in your photo though TomH!

We retired to Ouray, Colorado, right in the heart of the youngest and most rugged mountains in the State. Ouray calls itself “the Jeep Capital of the World”, and the “Switzerland of America”. I see lots of Jeeps in town towing adventure trailers. But interestingly, I have never seen even one adventure trailer on the more rugged old mining trails heading to remote high-country camping. I am not saying a skilled driver couldn’t pull one up over a five-foot cliff on a trail (see third photo) or around a super tight switch back, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that. Also a lot of our trails are marked “short wheel base, high clearance 4x4s only”. So I think we’ll just pack the back of the TJ with camp gear on the toughest trails. I am intrigued, however, by AEV’s SMB-like camper Jeep and some of the roof-top tents for Jeeps and Land Rovers!

A final concern about adding another toy (i.e. an adventure trailer) is that we built a tall 5-car garage into our retirement home for toys, but we have already accumulated six 4x4 vehicles! So where would we put an adventure trailer ;) ?

Thanks again for your tips TomH!

Pschitt 10-08-2018 03:47 AM

Congrats for your purchase, you'll be happy with it!

Orv 10-08-2018 11:07 AM

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Originally Posted by TomH (Post 237143)
Of course, a train of Sprinter, Jeep, Adventure Trailer would be illegal most everywhere, though once or twice I've seen:

Many (though not all) states will allow a fifth wheel and a conventional trailer like that. Trains of two conventional trailers are no-nos, of course.

The CHPs were decidedly unhappy with this arrangement:

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