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JWA 09-05-2019 07:22 AM

Reese 81378 Freebies!
Okay so have a pair of these step bumper receiver hitches----been slightly modified but nothing rendering them unusable---or so I think? :confused: They once had bolts, nuts washers and steel spacer blocks but those have long ago disappeared.

Here's images in a single place:

At any rate they won't be used for the intended project, can't return them DUH so offering them up here for anyone who might need or want them. Would prefer they go as a pair to someone in the lower 48, would only ask USPS shipping, perhaps FedEx Ground if that's cheaper.

Anyway hit me up or PM me---glad to work out something. I really, really hate to see these go to the recycler if someone could use them. If this post would be better served in another sub-forum please let me know.

Diclaimer: These can be purchased brand new unmodified with all accompanying parts & bits for like $17---not a huge bargain even at free


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