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wander 04-08-2020 06:54 PM

Scheel-Mann Seats Installed
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The stock Ford seats were killing me, so I decided to try Scheel-Mann. I ordered them on February 17th and they arrived yesterday. I was more than a little concerned there would be a significant delay due to the Covid-19 stuff.

I still need to fine tune them and when all this 'stuff' clears, then take them for a long drive.

Blowby 04-08-2020 07:04 PM

They are some nice looking seats!
I checked them out at Sema last year,and would love to have a set but would have to convince the wifey which could be a challenge!

wander 04-08-2020 07:16 PM


Originally Posted by Blowby (Post 270853)
They are some nice looking seats!
I checked them out at Sema last year,and would love to have a set but would have to convince the wifey which could be a challenge!

Thanks. I didn't have a chance to try some before I bought these and they're pretty stiff. But, I'm looking forward to getting them dialed in.

Botchan 04-08-2020 07:33 PM

Terry -

Can you post some close up pics of the mounts. Also, does the passenger seat swivel?


mgmetalworks 04-08-2020 07:42 PM

The adapter mounts will work with the factory base and/or most of the common swivels for the Eseries.

dokaman 04-08-2020 07:47 PM

Awesome upgrade! I really enjoy mine.

wander 04-08-2020 07:48 PM


Originally Posted by Botchan (Post 270856)
Terry -

Can you post some close up pics of the mounts. Also, does the passenger seat swivel?


Hey, Botchan, I'll try to do that tomorrow. Yes, both seats swivel, although I haven't tried them, yet. A friend of mine is a mechanic that's been hurting due to this COVID-19, so I had him install them. I was nervous about them fitting the swivels, but I bought the Ford-to-Scheel-Mann adapter set and that worked fine.

RandallDee 04-08-2020 08:53 PM

Those are uber sexy......

JWA 04-09-2020 05:44 AM

I gotta stop reading all these glowing Sheel-Mann seat reviews--just far, far too tempted to throw down for just a driver's seat. :)

The downside to that would be if the G/F gets wind its a better, more comfortable seat I'd be hard pressed to NOT buy one for "her side" too. :eek: :)

wander 04-09-2020 01:33 PM

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Botchan, I wasn't able to get decent photos of the base in my van, but below is the assembly manual from Base Fabrication, LLC, the company that manufactured the base adapter. I bought the base adapter from Scheel-Mann and it was shipped directly from BF. I hope that helps.

Both seats, passenger and driver swivel. Personally, I think it's easier to swivel these than the stock seats they replaced. As with the stock seats, you have to move the setback forward (de-recline?) in order to swivel around. I was a little concerned about this aspect, because the Scheel-Mann seat backs recline via a knob, rather than the lever on the stock seats. But, thankfully, the screw has a course thread, so they move very quickly with the added bonus of infinite adjustment.

Initial Impressions:
1. Seating height: I first noticed the seats sit higher from the floor than the stock seats. This was a welcome surprise because, as I mentioned in my OP, my problem was always my legs, not my back. A higher seat height will allow more distance for my legs to stretch. Before, I was sitting almost Indian Style, now I can point my legs straight at the pedals with a small bend at the knee - JOY!
2. Femer position: Going along with 1, above, instead of my femer (leg bone between the hip and the knee) heading down hill, my femer is at a slight incline. This helps with leg room, because it elevates the knee and puts it farther from the pedals. I'm sure there are other ergonomic benefits.
3. Armrest (option): The armrest angle when in the down position is also adjusted by a screw, so is infinitely adjustable. It just so happens, my right arm feels like its at the exact same elevation and orientation as my left arm, which rests on the door arm rest. I think that will help me from feeling twisted on long drives.
4. Seat Bottom Adjustment: Another thing to help my poor legs is the fact that the seat bottom extends and contracts forward or backward with the use of a screw. This will help provide more support for longer femers, like mine.
5. Under-seat storage: As an unexpected bonus from the mounting brackets (I think), there's more storage under the seats. Anything I store on the floor under the seats will be easier to access, but there's also space between the swivel and the seat bottom, which would be a great place for maps, books, binoculars, etc.

That's it. Honestly, I had heard many positive reviews of these seats, almost to the point of worshipful. I was desperate and these seats appeared to be the closest I could find to a solution. I'm becoming a believer. I admit I haven't driven any long distances, but am very encouraged. I'll be driving it from Wisconsin to SW Missouri in early May when we move down there - about a 10 hour drive. After that trip, I'll try to remember to do a write up, but I expect it will be hectic.


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