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nyyankees588 04-09-2020 04:26 PM

2003 7.3L 4x4 Project Van (expo portal cross post)
Haven't seen this posted here, so I figured I'd cross post since it seems to be a really good deal for somebody willing to take on a project. Link to the person's post.

Description copied and pasted below:
I've posted my project before but never had pics. Health issues forcing me to sell. I'm located in South Florida. 2001 E350 XLT 7.3 279k 15 passenger. Was going to do 4X4 swap and have 2008 F350 3.73 axles, 17" alloy wheels w/spare, 4R100 7.3 4x4 trans, NV271 man shift, 08+ Front end parts: hood, chrome and black grills, fenders, headlight bezels, towing mirrors, altezza taillights. Large aluminum fuel cell to be modified for conversion.
Now the bad...sitting waiting for me to replace the water pump, mice moved in and chewed some wires in engine bay and now won't start. Originally from New Jersey and does have some rust around rear fenders lips and around rear roof drip edge.
Would like to sell as a package if possible $3,500

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