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cbutah 05-11-2020 07:44 AM

2003 E350 price?
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Hey folks

As I did not get any comments on my past post as to the appropriateness of asking value on this forum, figured Im GTG with this. Hoping to sell my van shortly. Here are the basics; 2003 E350, 5.4 L, Quigley 4X4, penthouse. Very low miles 51K. Not a ton of extras 15 gallon fresh, 10 grey, 120 system, fridge, Starcool AC, 2X battery bank, steel winch bumper with Smitty-Bilt winch, sink. Maybe some other stuff. Modifications from what SMB built, however, are somewhat significant. I think the original owner aspired to be a plumber or something, as this thing was crammed with cabinets down each side to the point it was damn near impossible move around inside. Certainly not with a family of 4. So push came to shove (literally) and we began to take some of it out then all of it. While I would have preferred a changing up the layout inside, that was going to be a bit much. So the basic layout is pretty much as SMB built it - just less of it. Is it better? I think so. While I am no cabinet builder, I think it is certainly of better quality than what I took out. Im sure the pros will notice the very not legit CampChef oven on the door. This is awesome as we can cook outside 99% of the time (grilled trout in a van not great). Only time we use inside is for coffee in the AM with the door cracked to vent. But arguably sketchy set up, and easy to remove if necessary. Also the full access to the barn doors. Took a bit of doing, but really, really nice not having a cabinet in the way as it was built.

What does it need? Well that is up to the next owner of course. Mechanically, I would say nothing. Has some very minor mechanical issues that I will address before sale. Body has two small dings, and an unfortunate crease on the drivers side form the PO. A few scratches consistent with light off road use. Has a crappy pool ladder on the rear door that works for the 2-3 times I felt I needed to get on the roof. Also has the spare mounted on the other rear door which is terrible. This needs a swing-out of some sport as this is pain to deal with. I did some preventative maintenance when I bought it at 40K, and front brakes last summer. Tires have maybe 10K on them. Other than that have not, and have not needed to do any work.

Would love to get a realistic ballpark figure of what I should ask for price...

Thanks Chris

BrianW 05-11-2020 07:52 AM

2003 E350 price?
Its a harder one to value because its kind of a SMB, but more of a home build inside (that potential buyers will likely want to redo). For comps Id look at similar 4x4 vans and then add on a bit for the SMB PH and the installed SMB systems (figure maybe $8-12k total for those). Id guesstimate $40-55k depending on your location and how the economy progresses. Low miles add value of course and sounds like youve kept it up well. Interior not so much as you already know. Oven on the door is... interesting [emoji15] But it looks like a great base for someone to finish exactly how they want. Does it have a RIP kit for the Quigley setup? Id post it on Expo Forum too as lots of DIY builders there.

cbutah 05-11-2020 08:03 AM

Not sure what a RIP kit is? I do have all the original SMB & Quigley documentation....

Lazy_Daves 05-11-2020 08:03 AM

Do you still have the box that hangs on the door?

My price guess is $47,500.

cbutah 05-11-2020 08:11 AM

There was never a box on the door. The stock cabinets were build out in front of the rear barn door.

BrianW 05-11-2020 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by cbutah (Post 272682)
Not sure what a RIP kit is? I do have all the original SMB & Quigley documentation....

Agile Offroad "Ride Improvement Kit" to improve some of the Quigley shortcomings.

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