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NathanNichols14 05-26-2020 05:04 PM

Good Evening from San Diego!
Hello everyone!

Im a 22 year old surfer and fisherman from San Diego and I have high hopes for my 1998 e-350 Club Wagon. I have many questions and MANY ideas for what I'd like to accomplish along the way, so any positive or negative feedback and ideas are always welcome!

My plan is pretty simple for the back: raised bed in the far rear with storage drawers underneath, and along the entire drivers side will be a solid storage tunnel for boards and fishing rods.

As for suspension and wheels/tires I just want to do a simple body lift and a bit beefier of a tire (245-75-17s should suffice).

Hope to get to know some of you guys in the SoCal area!

Nathan Nichols:d8:

marret 05-26-2020 05:27 PM

Welcome and sounds like a solid platform. Suggest you look and/or search through the appropriate forum for information. Common to build a bed in the back and for your needs, the long side compartment makes total sense.

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