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Greg In Austin 05-31-2009 11:12 AM

oops....forgot the SMB
Demi spent far more time with his SMB yesterday than we did. While Demi was under his SMB, we were wishing we had McBeast with us.... we were at the longest baseball game in NCAA history. 25 innings and over 7 hours.

We did not take McBeast because I had knee surgery this last Tuesday.
We took the Prius for the ease of my getting in and out.

....later we wished we had done differently....

The game started at 6pm and did not finish up until after 1am. Amazingly the crowd stayed.

We crawled into bed sometime after 2:30am.

Poor Boston College has been back out at the field for the last 90 minutes or sa and is now already playing AGAIN.

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