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1der 05-02-2021 06:07 PM

CR Laurence Windows
If anyone is interested in CR Laurence windows I have an order in that qualifies for an additional price savings due to quantity I already have on the order I can add to this order for the next two weeks and maintain the more attractive pricing for everyone who wants windows now.

Note: Many are out of stock until beginning of June.

e.g. of pricing:
FW904RS are $381 each plus shipping
AW1033 are $252 each plus shipping

Transit, Promaster, Sprinter, Savannah, Econoline - does not matter which window model. Please let me know which windows you want and i will get you pricing.

Thxs! Ray

1der 05-11-2021 07:22 PM

Bump for Group Buy on these - Last Call

hippievan 02-13-2022 01:42 PM

Still have the FW904RS? I need one for window replacement.

1der 02-13-2022 02:28 PM

Hi hippievan, really sorry to read what happened.

Your options are

1. a complete new window of which currently there is stock ready to ship from SoCalif. All in w shipping approx $525 +/-.

2. replace the window pane that fell off the frame. I would have to check price and availability for that part.

hippievan 02-13-2022 03:00 PM

Option 2 would work fine. The mechanism works fine and I salvaged the brackets and lower hinge on the shattered window. Thanks for checking price and availability.


SlimKiteGuy 02-15-2022 08:30 PM

I actually have the opposite problem that Mike has. I dropped an orbital sander on the top window pane and shattered it. I cut and glued in a piece of plexiglass to replace it, which worked well for about a year but recently became disbonded on a trip to Mammoth last week. Therefore, I would like to explore a more permanent solution.

Ray, can you get a quote on a top and bottom replacement window pane? Hopefully they are cheaper than half of a new window. If not, maybe Mike and I can split a new window and work out the logistics…thx!


1der 02-15-2022 09:44 PM

Sergio, I will check on the upper as well.

Could you guys get any further apart ?? LoL! FL and CA, that will be fun!

hippievan 02-16-2022 04:57 AM

I looked around the internet and apparently the lower window coming unglued at the top hinge or at the brackets and smashing into the street is a common problem with the C.R. Lawrence window. Classic Roadtreks used the same window. Many have asked the company for just a pane the company has always said no, you have to buy the whole window.

This is such a common problem that a guy by the name of Jack Woods from Utah created a niche business of custom tinted plexiglass lower panes with predrilled holes and installation kits for $175. Here is his video of how to install them:

I went ahead and ordered one yesterday. Ray, I appreciate your time in responding to my posts, and your willingness to go the extra mile looking for parts. Sergio, I hope you are able to find the parts you need.


SlimKiteGuy 02-27-2022 11:26 AM

Hey Mike, do you have the link on where to order that? I am just curious what is so special about it that drives the cost to $175. You can order a 24x48 in sheet of tinted plexiglass from Amazon for $40-$60 depending on thickness and cut it to fit the window. I cut a clear piece of 1/4” clear plexiglass to fit my top pane and then painted it with clear black tint spray paint I had lying around. In hindsight, the factory tinted plexiglass would have been better since you can probably see through the window more clearly than my subpar paint job.

Ray, I am still interested in a replacement top glass pane if they will do it. If not, I may try cutting a 1/8” piece of tinted plexiglass from Amazon to see if a thinner piece will protrude less into the airstream and hold up longer. I also like the idea of using that double sided tape stuff they used in the video. I just glued mine in last time, and it only lasted a year. -Sergio

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