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graybeard 06-16-2021 02:54 PM

SOLD - 2006 RB Sportsmobile 4WD 6.0l Diesel
Pls PM me for photos. Posting photos on this forum is a major PITA :-)

I am considering selling my 2006 Sportsmobile. This decision is driven by a desire to build a new vehicle from the ground up after many fun years with this vehicle.

Here are the details:

Powerstroke 6.0 liter Diesel
• AMSOIL bypass filtration
• Block heater
• RunCool hood louvers
• 99,000 miles
• 6-speed automatic transmission

• Atlas 2-speed transfer case
• Dynatrac front end
• Reversed shackles
• Warn Premium hubs
• ProComp 315-75R16 E-rated tires
• Warn CE M12000 winch behind Aluminess front bumper
• Air Compressor
• Trailer hitch

Body & Living
• Penthouse top with powered lift – can sleep 4
• Fiamma 45 Awning
• Yakima tracks and bars
• Roof ladder
• Captain’s chair
• New “saddle blanket” seat covers and floor mats
• Upholstery-matching pillows
• Reclining rear bench seat
• Curtains all-around
• Various cabinets
• Jensen DVD Player with ceiling-mounted monitor
• Kenwood KDC-X589 Deck with 6-disc CD changer
• JL Audio 6-channel 75W Amplifier
• Sirius Satellite Radio
• Keyless keypad entry

• City water and power hookups
• 10-gallon fresh water tank with Shurflo water pump
• Gray water tank
• Hot and cold running water/sink and external shower
• Residential 250W roof-mounted solar panel
• Progressive Dynamics Power Converter / Battery Charger
• Xantrex Inverter
• Starcool auxiliary AC
• Norcold 12V refrigerator
• Airtronic Diesel-fired cab heater
• Hydronic Diesel-fired water / coolant heater
• Separate house battery
• Microwave
• CO detection
• All the interior and exterior lighting and power distribution you need

Recent Maintenance
• Front Brakes: rotor, calipers and pads
• Replacement Fox shocks all around
• OEM Injectors, upgraded dummy plugs, STC fitting and other 6.0l bits
• Bulletproof EGR Cooler and new oil cooler
• Tranny service (e.g.: fluids / filters)
• All other fluids and filters on a regular basis
• Vacuum pump

• Hylift Jack
• Fire Extinguisher
• LED Reverse Lights
• KC Driving Lights
• Various Yakima roof mounted “trays”

This is a well maintained classic Sportsmobile that is a very capable off-road vehicle and the ultimate RV. This vehicle goes anywhere, from the ALCAN to deep exploration in the desert Southwest, and is the ultimate “Skimobile”.

This is a Colorado vehicle, which is code for “No issues with body corrosion and mostly highway miles”. This is a “big vehicle”, which comes in at about 9500 pounds loaded. It is running very well, and is a pleasure to drive. It is stable and pulls very well in the mountains.

This is not a “show vehicle”. If it has flaws, they are strictly cosmetic, and nothing to write home to mother about. Comes with all records and build documentation, of course!


... Bob

Hunter79 06-16-2021 07:38 PM

One photo would be helpful and would probably eliminate many of the requests for more photos.

Grampswrx 06-16-2021 08:00 PM

If you send me your email address, I’ll post the photos for you.

graybeard 06-16-2021 09:10 PM

For the life of me, I cannot suss out how to post any images on this site, or as part of this post. I don't have the photos up on a website somewhere that I can reference via URL. Even a profile picture is limited to 64KB in size.

graybeard 06-16-2021 10:53 PM

Here are a few photos on Flickr:

Not a whole lot of detail, but if you look carefully, you can spot how certain aspects have evolved over the years:

One photo is when I purchased the vehicle in 2010 with 14,000 miles.

One photo is in the Yukon - you can see how I added a "tray" to the rear hitch to accommodate extra bits needed for a 30-day road trip to points remote.

One shot is in Valdez, AK. This is a great vehicle for a long haul trip such as the Alcan, and mosquito protocol :-)

I am surprised at how many shots include a canoe :-) Yellowstone and the Tetons and my driveway

You can see how I have mounted the Hylift jack to the front bumper

The interior cabinetry is pretty standard, but I have been replacing some cabinet surfaces with Baltic Birch and Formica, which is lighter and better than the standard SMB interior build finish. There is always a live list of little improvements in process.

I removed the Sportsmobile decals, as they were of poor quality and flaking off.

You can't see the RunCool louvers on the hood installed last Summer. They greatly reduce underhood (and interior) temperature, and I recommend this add to anyone. You also can't see the upgrade to solar panels. A good solar system is very helpful - it maintains the house battery very well.

What you also don't see is some of the more serious terrain this vehicle handles. I am in the slot canyons of Utah frequently. Some very technical roads in those parts.

Note that I have not had to winch myself out of any predicament. I have on the other hand had opportunity to winch others on several occasions. I do not aim to do technical "jeeping" with this rig, so I have never employed the front suspension quick disconnect. It is not a toy, rather a pretty mean, pretty big machine.

Hope this helps.

I'll try to get a few more photos up to the Flickr link over the next few days

unreng 07-12-2021 12:25 PM

Hope this helps...added the photos from the flickr link:

graybeard 07-12-2021 12:53 PM

Thank you!

Now I have to figure out how you did that :-)

unreng 07-12-2021 03:53 PM

1. On the flickr page, select a photo.
2. Select the right-facing arrow in the bottom right corner named "Share Photo" (hover the mouse icon over the arrow to see the name)
3. A popup will appear, select the BBCode option, then select the link that appears below BBCode - [url...] - and copy (ctrl+c on a keyboard).
4. Return to the SMB thread and paste (ctrl+v on the keyboard).
5. Preview the post to see if it worked!

6. Repeat for any other photo's.:d5:

graybeard 07-12-2021 04:27 PM

Excellent - Thank you!

86Scotty 07-12-2021 07:26 PM

Flickr is how I do it these days. I've given up on fooling with every different forum software. Tapatalk used to work for most forums but too many ads and crap on there now too.

Nice van, good luck with sale!

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