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CarlParr 06-02-2022 04:31 PM

East Coast Meetup
Any interest in a long overdue meetup MD, PA, VA, WV? Maybe Greenridge SF in Western MD?

marret 06-02-2022 05:09 PM

I might be interested.

86Scotty 06-02-2022 09:36 PM

I'd love to see this start happening again, even though it's a crapshoot if I could make it. That's a beautiful area. Throw out a date and let's get something going!


BrianW 06-03-2022 04:34 AM

Iíd be up for it but my availability is limited the early part of summer. Iím in eastern PA.

doublevan2 06-03-2022 08:54 AM

Sounds interesting - maybe in higher elevation location where maybe temps will provide a cooler environment for camping and less need for AC - fewer bugs, etc ? I'd be interested if it takes on a life !?

doublevan2 06-03-2022 08:59 AM

Maybe West Virginia ? With much higher participation in camping by overall population due to covid, etc., the need to locate a place and secure it for an undetermined number of participants (as we speak) - time would be critical to secure that location. Maybe hold in late August or late Sept after school(s) starts ?

CarlParr 06-03-2022 06:12 PM

Green Ridge State Forest has 100 sites spread out over 100 miles of roads and trails. Some can easily accommodate a dozen vehicles. Plus, I have the number of a guy who sells wood by the truck load and will drop it right at the site. I would head up early in the week to grab one of the big sites and post which one it is. There is plenty to explore, including some "4x4 Only" trails, but I would not get a site in those areas. Let me know if anyone has any other suggestions.

Spr 06-05-2022 10:04 AM

Sounds great. I'm glad we are bringing this back. we would love to meet up and are fine with any location however if we are spit balling ideas something around a beach or lake could be cool. Looking forward to hearing the plans unfold.

BrianW 06-05-2022 08:00 PM

Raystown Lake in central PA has a variety of campgrounds (itís an Army Corps area) and an amazing mountain bike trail network (Allegrippis Trails).

MaineWildlands 06-06-2022 12:50 PM

I'm a little too far north, and I just returned from a weekend trip down to King of Prussia, PA so I am probably not able to attend, but if you make it north easterly, I am in.

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