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BotmFedr 06-19-2022 05:01 PM

Quigley, Dynatrac & E-350
Can anyone explain the relationship that Sportsmobile, and now Field Van, has had with Quigley 4X4? It's my understanding that all Quigley 4X4s are conversions done by Quigley on the East coast. Dynatrac conversions have been done by Sportsmobile. Is that right? The Quigley conversion is basically a Ford 4X4. And the Dynatrac conversion is a much more serious 4X4 platform. Am I basically correct?


simplesez 06-19-2022 06:03 PM

Basically yes. California version of Sportsmobile moved on to their own 4*4 system while the other two shops (Indiana and Texas) stayed with Quigley longer. No exact dates but both are solid systems.

motovan_mn 06-19-2022 06:34 PM

Is "dynatrac conversion" synonymous with "sportsmobile 4x4 conversion?"

I know that dynatrac makes axle/hub components (UJOR front axles use dynatrac parts from the knuckles out I believe), but that phrase is a new one to me.

simplesez 06-19-2022 06:44 PM

Not sure why the OP would have called it a Dynatrac conversion. Just as easy called an Atlas conversion then.

Yeah Quigley didn't use Dynatrac front axle or Atlas two stick transfer case so those are easy ways to tell the difference.

The other way is that Quigley have door stickers and a comprehensive database of those trucks they converted.

daveb 06-20-2022 12:58 AM

The Fresno shop had an engineer who design a Ford 4x4 platform specifically for them. They still sold Quigley conversions for a while then years later only the Fresno type conversions. It's basically the same conversion used in their new 4x4 cutaway version.

BotmFedr 06-20-2022 05:26 AM

Easier to get parts for Quigley or Dynatrac? How does Atlas figure into the picture? Similar to Dynatrac?

BroncoHauler 06-20-2022 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by BotmFedr (Post 312199)
... The Quigley conversion is basically a Ford 4X4. ...

I would disagree with this to some extent. Quigley uses some Ford parts, but also has some of their own proprietary parts.

As a comparison, to the best of my knowledge, Quadvan uses only Ford parts, except possibly some front springs that I believe are not Ford, but at the same time they are not proprietary to Quadvan.


daveb 06-20-2022 10:30 AM


Originally Posted by BotmFedr (Post 312216)
How does Atlas figure into the picture? Similar to Dynatrac?

Atlas is the transfer case. The model they use is a twin stick design so you can engage or disengage each axle on its own. Advance Adapters is the company.

Dynatrac? Yeah different parts were used in the Fresno design to hopefully upgrade the stock Ford parts. One of SMB's conversion involved adding front axle disconnects to improve articulation. Really not much different than using a specific company for springs, shocks, and hubs all of which are not stock Ford parts and came with my Fresno conversion.

As far as a Ford shop servicing an Atlas transfer case, I don't know. Fortunately I have a shop close by approved by Advanced Adaptors as a service center for their product.

Railvan 06-20-2022 12:58 PM

When I bought my SMB 4x4 E350 at Fresno in 2006 they offered both Quigley and SMP conversions. I think 2004 was the first year they offered the SMB designed and built in house 4x4 conversion. The SMB conversion uses a Dynatrac axle up front (a Dynatrac rear axle was an option) and an Atlas transfer case but I have never heard it called a Dynatrac conversion. Changes to the SMB design were made in 2008, the same year when Ford made changes to the front end design of the van, and this is when SMB started using F550 brake rotors up front. Previous to 2008 the SMB conversion used F350 rotors.

SMB supplied a parts list of all the replacement parts, with numbers, for the front axle so if you need service you, or your shop, know what to buy.

BotmFedr 06-21-2022 05:49 AM

It's beginning to make some sense. Has Quigley always used a Ford transfer case? Something else?

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