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Normal_Dave 08-01-2022 08:14 AM

"In Search Of The Elusive CC880 Spring" (not S)
Some of us still have the older Econoline and would like a slight front coil spring boost. My '95 E-150 Chateau 5.8L with the factory tow package is still running the original front spring, which is heftier from the factory due to the tow package.

The hot ticket for a good variable rate spring and a very slight lift was the venerable Moog CC880 (not the 'S'). 16" free height, 13" installed, 589 lbs/inch, 1,850 lb rating. The closest Moog listing is the CC878 15.75" free, 13" installed, 589 lbs/inch, but 1,687 lb rating.

With the CC880 on endless backorder and now showing discontinued, it seems all that has been available lately is the CC880S which often reports too tall, and too stiff for smaller gas engine or E-150 applications.

While chasing the CC880, I decided to link from Moog to online resellers. I ended up at O'Reilly with their "Precision" branded spring and guess what? Specs show to be identical to the CC880. 16" free height, 13" installed, 589 lbs/inch, 1,850 lb rating. The only difference I could find was their reference to 3/4" coil vs 0.78" Moog spec. In stock and reasonably priced with a 20% off coupon code.

Since I knew it was too good to be true, I copied and pasted the Precision branded part number and searched, and found an old link that showed a prior part number of "GCC880". Hmmm... I pulled the trigger, thinking these things are likely sourced from the same overseas manufacturer, possibly in a private label box. If the specs are correct, I should have an equal to the CC880 spring. I would even venture it will end up measuring out to 0.78" with my caliper.

Link for specs. Notice they list only E-350 application. The CC880S has a 3,006 lb rating on the springs, which is likely why folks complain about stiffness unless you have a really heavy engine.

I'll update when I get them installed with before/after measurements. :d5:

86Scotty 08-01-2022 09:34 AM

Cool, sounds like you found a rebranded Moog. Good info for sure. Perhaps you can look at some online pics of the CS880 when you get yours and see if they are the same.


shenrie 08-01-2022 11:49 AM

^^^ our first call rep at oreilly told me that moog rebrands the precision ball joints I just picked up and then charges more for the exact same part.

Normal_Dave 08-02-2022 03:44 PM

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I think we have a winner. Definitely 0.78" wire. Caliper shows about 0.785 which I would guess is paint. Made in USA. Even has the CC880 part number on the Precision box label.

Tell your friends...

BrianW 08-03-2022 04:40 PM

Any idea if these also fit a 2011 E250 (5.4)? The O'Reilly tool says no, but I thought they'd be the same as the previous E-vans?

Normal_Dave 08-03-2022 06:33 PM

They are similar, but don't think they will work in your application. Moog shows 1999-2014 E250. Mine is the old Twin I-beam used through 1996 on the E-150.

Notice the specs on the 2011 E250 spring show an installed height of 6.784".
Moog CC81368.

I would guess Precision has an equal to the above Moog spring. At this point I'm guessing Precision might be the vendor for the Moog label. Who knows these days.

Are you looking for a lift or just fresh springs?

JWA 08-04-2022 06:29 AM

If you want or need the Moog part number look on eBay with the brand name and part number---be as specific as you can (you already know this i'm sure :)) Amazon would be another suggestion.

Something should pop up quickly. :d5:

BrianW 08-04-2022 11:48 AM


Originally Posted by Normal_Dave (Post 313801)
Are you looking for a lift or just fresh springs?

A little bit of both. Thinking of doing the rear packs to get the slightly saggy rear up, and maybe do the front at the same time.

Vanimal 08-08-2022 07:24 AM

There was a company named Valley Spring in Central California that made my coils to my specs. Try Google, this was 15 years ago!

Davovan 09-23-2022 03:53 PM

I know this thread is over a month old but I wanted to add my research and experience:

I was able to test fit moog CC880, CC880S, and CC81368 on my E150. I ended up with the CC880s but it took the adjustable camber bushings almost maxed out and I also filed down the casting seam on the inner I beam and a tiny bit off of the knuckles with a dremel to ensure there wouldn't be any binding at max adjustment if I needed it.

I have a 2006 E150 with a 4.6. At first the 880S looked too tall but they settled in perfect and I was able to dial back the adjustment on the camber bushings a hair (and also get some caster angle back).

The 880 would have been perfect mix of lift and ride but I wanted max lift without spending much. I also got HD rear leaf springs. The ride is fine, a little bouncy on rough roads. I tow a small boat and I'm glad I have the HD rear springs.

That being said, I have a set of 880 and 81368 sitting in my shed now if anyone wants them.

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