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dixoncj 12-01-2010 02:17 PM

Great Deal: Used Norcold DE-0041T Fridge: $500 - SOLD!
Thanks SMB Forum - and thanks Billy in Tahoe. The fridge is sold.

I have a Norcold DE-0041T 3.6 Cubic Foot fridge for sale.

This is the 3.6 cubic foot 120VA/C and 12V/DC model. Basically, it's the bigger single door unit that SMB puts in its rigs. This barely used unit came out of a used SMB whose owner wanted a smaller model. It works perfectly.
The fridge is available for pickup (or install) at Sportsmobile in Fresno, or it can be shipped as it's boxed and ready to go. Shipping is fairly expensive - something on the order of $100.
It has the light gray/off white front door. But you can get other door fronts from SMB or Norcold.
Call or email me:
Chris Dixon -
or 843 822 5710

12bproper 12-01-2010 08:01 PM

Re: Great Deal: Used Norcold DE-0041T Fridge: $500
Anybody using the 3.6 cf? Any input for this size? :b3:

jage 12-01-2010 09:18 PM

Re: Great Deal: Used Norcold DE-0041T Fridge: $500
It's too small? :a5:

It looks exactly like mine, but mine is, ahem, the 4.0 c.f. Norcold. I like the separate freezer and extra space over the smaller unit. There is a secret tray between the freezer and fridge that is about 1/2" tall.

Still, it's too small. For "normal" people it would probably be slightly more than adequate, we take everything in ours since all our meals on the road are prepared from scratch and most of the parts come out of the fridge.

The only other downside is I've had to add a temp sensor and manually dial up and down the setting to keep things from occasionally freezing in the fridge part- I don't think any Norcold would necessarily be better, and it's a small issue overall, but bears mentioning.

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