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yondermountain 12-18-2010 11:35 AM

how many miles on your 6.0 smb?
ive been debating the smb purchase for a while now. we had a westy syncro and really wanted an smb after we sold it. im also debating the motor- ive run my own biodiesel in a cummins for years and had intentions of running it in a 7.3 or 6.0 smb. the 7.3's are getting older and im starting to warm up to the idea of a newer 6.0, kinda wondering whos got higher milage 6.0's particularly 06-2010 years?
i know the whole which engine thing has been discussed at length in many threads, but i wanted to get an idea of how many miles folks have on their rigs?
also, do you think the 08-2010's would be more reliable than the 05-07's or the same?
maybe this should have been posted in engine/drivetrain, but i thought i might get more responses here!
thanks, jas

saline 12-18-2010 12:20 PM

Re: how many miles on your 6.0 smb?
Although mine is an 04 (not the years you inquired) I have 46k miles and had two minor issues after we bought it. I attribute it to the SMB sitting for 6 months prior to us purchasing it. As I have read elsewhere, the later the model, especially 07' up 6.0l's have the best record. There are things you can do on any model year on a 6.0l to help with reliability.

bitburger 12-18-2010 03:25 PM

Re: how many miles on your 6.0 smb?
I have an 08 with roughly 36k miles with absolutely no 6.0 engine issues.

That said, given the reputation, I got the 200k warranty extension.

Blackeye 12-18-2010 04:00 PM

Re: how many miles on your 6.0 smb?
We've got an '08 and have enjoyed (really enjoyed) almost 74,000 miles with the 6.0. We have not experienced any problems whatsoever.

We did obtain the transferrable 200k FORD Extended Service Plan on the diesel, just in case.

BTW, our rig is still available. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5797

UJOINT 12-18-2010 05:12 PM

Re: how many miles on your 6.0 smb?
I'm at 87K. 2006. I've only had a vacuum pump & a leaking fuel regulator. Oil changed every 5K, fuel filters every 10. ----Chris

daveb 12-18-2010 06:39 PM

Re: how many miles on your 6.0 smb?
The 6.0 engine has a few flaws that can be improved on provided you want to spend the bucks. After the Ford warrentee is up, I plan to upgrade what I can. Mine is an 06 with 54,000 on it. Ive had problems with the EGR system and I lost the ICP sensor that led to a tow. I also had an oil leak that required the engine to be pulled. [Edit] Whoops forgot about the blown injector!
Here is a link to methods that improve the 6.0's preformance.

Ford_6L_E350 12-18-2010 07:10 PM

Re: how many miles on your 6.0 smb?
I looked at the video DaveB refers to in the above post. Can't say I agree with what he says. The vans are different than the pickups and what he says may apply to pickups.

With the pickups at 325HP they have higher cylinder pressures, higher EGT's, higher exhaust volumes, etc.

The vans have 235HP, same as the International trucks with the same engine. Leave it stock (no tuners) and it will be quite a good engine. While Ford pickups have experienced problems with headgaskets and the need for studs, I haven't heard of stock vans with the same problems. Pickups that have been modified for more horsepower have even bigger problems.

The EGR cooler is a potential weak spot, and if mine fails it will be replaced with a Bulletproof Diesel EGR cooler.

The biggest concerns in a van are clean oil, clean fuel, MotorCraft filters and a way to monitor ECT (Engine Coolant Temp) and EOT (Engine Oil Temp). If the oil temp is more than 15 degrees above the coolant temp (in normal driving, not just after pulling a hill) then you need to have the oil cooler replaced. A coolant filter may help keep the oil cooler from failing, it can't hurt.

Some aftermarket filters have caused serious engine problems. It is not worth saving a few dollars on a filter only to have thousands of dollars in engine repairs needed as a result.

Many 6.0 owners use a fuel additive. I've used TCW-III 2 stroke oil or Opti-Lube Summer Blend, both make the engine quieter and give some peace of mind.

Long idle times are known to cause problems with this engine. It has been a big problem with ambulances the idle for long times. Minimize idle time, start it up and drive gently until it is fully warmed up. And drive it at least 20 minutes to warm it up. Avoid short trips to cut down on condensation build up in the engine.

To summarize:

- Most of the reported 6.0 problems have been in pickups, not in vans
- Keep it stock and use OEM filters and regular maintainance
- Use it and enjoy it, most owners have few or no problems.


saline 12-18-2010 08:03 PM

Re: how many miles on your 6.0 smb?
^ What Mike said.
With the addition that there is talk of late regarding the Ford Gold coolant could be contributing to the clogged oil cooler issues. Some are switching over to what International uses, ELC coolant. The theory is that the Ford Gold is gelled from high temps in the EGR cooler and then getting clogged in the coolant side of the oil cooler. It's only theory but it can't help to use what International uses, they made the motor.

daveb 12-18-2010 09:39 PM

Re: how many miles on your 6.0 smb?
Mike I am not a diesel mechanic and only listen to what our shop people say. I agree that tuners used in excess (like many pickup owners do) can be a major problem with any 6.0 PSD and is probably why it gets such a bad name. I don't plan to try to get massive power out of my engine but a mild tuner might be OK to use. It's how or when you use them. I still don't plan to add one at this time. The mods I would like to add are the EGR upgrade similar to this , and a coolant filter, but if for what ever reason I do blow a head gasket, I will upgrade that end as well. As far as the turbo, most of the problems were resolved (from what Ford has told me and what that guy states in another link) and I haven't heard of many failures by those who have newer engines. BTW the link I supplied is really about hard core upgrading for power but the guy has some good info as well. There are several other posts his company made that make sense and why I supplied the link. I'm tired of everybody trashing the 6.0 PSD. In another post he makes a point that the engine is actually a good motor provided it's upgraded correctly. But the fact remains, the 7.3 doesn't have the issues the 6.0 has had in the past. Everytime I take my rig in to the shop for something, Ford themselves are saying something like "Oh they used to use...Oh that part has been replaced by a better part...etc". I still think the 6.0 is a good powerplant especially the newer engines. As I've stated in the past, I watch my warm up and cool down procedure but probably let the engine idle too long which might have contributed to the EGR failure. I've changed that and time will tell.

Saline I'd like to hear more about the additive issue. Currently I'm using Fords diesel additive.

Zeta 12-18-2010 10:03 PM

Re: how many miles on your 6.0 smb?

Originally Posted by daveb
Everytime I take my rig in to the shop for something, Ford themselves are saying something like "Oh they used to use...Oh that part has been replaced by a better part...etc".

I had a water pump failure and right bank injector harness failure on my '02 PSD at 60k. Wasn't so thrilled. Each time I was headed for a trip. Each time. I think it hated me.


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