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RobC 12-09-2007 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by kenkillsr
Although I have both GS and AAA, I wish I had a service that would tow me to anywhere I asked.

AAA won't honor your destination request? I've had AAA Carolina for years. They will tow my vehicle anywhere I want within 200 miles at no charge.

Which plan do you have: Basic or Plus?

daveb 12-09-2007 12:21 PM

I just signed up for AAA so I don't have to stand in line at the DMV. It's worth it for that. I went round and round with Ca DMV on a tag they never sent. The towing is just more security. I was told that I have to wait before going to the premium plan. Is that the one that will tow you anywhere within 200 mi?

mikestead 12-09-2007 12:47 PM

You want AAA PremierRV plan to get the towing up to 200 miles. I just upgraded my car AAA today to this plan since I purchased my used SMB 2 days ago. No waiting period. It's covered as of today. A new PremierRV plan is $141 per year with AAA Carolinas, but it's worth the piece of mind to me since my SMB is 13 years old. And my cars remain covered with this plan.

kenkillsr 12-10-2007 05:06 AM

[quote="kenkillsr"] Although I have both GS and AA

I have AAA basic.
I'll probably upgrade to Premiere RV soon.
As most of You know, we use our SMB primarily to tow our TT.
Having both GS and AAA allows for towing our trailer safely to a nearby campground in case of SMB breakdown.

mikestead 12-10-2007 05:20 AM

AAA basic ($52) in the Carolinas only covers non-RVs (which I suppose you can tell AAA it's a van and not an RV), and it only covers towing your vehicle 3 miles. AAA Plus ($79) and PlusRV ($111) here gets you 100 miles. AAA Premier ($109) and PremierRV ($141) gets you 200 miles.

daveb 12-10-2007 10:12 AM

Maybe some one should start a new thread as the topic was Batteries. If I have time I will cut and pasted to a new topic "towing with AAA"
Great now were back on topic.
I will have to look into the RV plan...sounds good.

NRL 12-10-2007 06:40 PM

It might vary but I still had to pay even though I have the AAA PremierRV and they still charged me half for the Tow from Big Bear to Orange, Ca (about 60miles)..
Instead of $650.00 Dollars, it was $350.00 after the AAA discount. I have the 200mile tow option.

By the way, I learned the hard way but if they ask what you have, "Do not say you have running water..or sink", it's a trick question. Say you have a "Family Van" and you want a flat bed since it's 4x4 and that's all.
Don't say you have a conversion. I made the mistake of describing what a Sportsmobile was..and that totally confused them on the phone. (They were confused whether I had an RV since I had running water,etc..,conversion van or a family van.. whatever sheesh, all I wanted was a flat bed)

I had to upgrade to PremierRV via cell phone just for them to tow me off the mountain on highway 38/330 that evening or I had to wait till the next morning.

I think in Rural areas, it a bit different since it's limited tow'ers but they did offer to tow it to the nearest Gas Station but I wanted it towed all the way back home since the transmission was gone; but still it was way less then 200miles and I still got charged...
On the positive side of this breakdown, the Sporto did get towed by a very nice new Mercedes Freightliner Flatbed "safetly" down the mountain on highway 38/330; scary but safe as it can be..

RobC 12-11-2007 09:11 AM


Originally Posted by mikestead
. . . in the Carolinas . . . AAA Plus ($79) and PlusRV ($111) here gets you 100 miles.


I just checked and you're right about AAA Plus getting 100 miles. I thought it was 200 for some reason.

But I only pay $69 for myself; $29 for my wife.

RobC 12-11-2007 09:17 AM


Originally Posted by NRL
Instead of $650.00 Dollars, it was $350.00 after the AAA discount. I have the 200mile tow option.

I don't understand this. But I haven't seen the policy nor do I live in CA.

mikestead 12-12-2007 04:15 AM

AAA Towing Policy
From the AAA Carolinas Handbook under Towing Service:

When your vehicle cannot be safely driven after attempting any of the listed emergency services herein, you will be given three (3) towing options:

OPTION 1: You may be towed to the AAA contractor's station that responded to your call or to a AAA AutoMark Car Care Center at no charge (if available in the area).

OPTION 2: You may be towed to a destination you select within the first three (3) miles of the disablement (at no charge). Plus and Plus/RV members receive up to 100 miles free towing (Premier and Premier/RV members 200 miles).

OPTION 3: You may be towed to a destination you select more than three (3) miles from the disablement at the rate of $3.00 per mile beyond the first three (3) free miles (rate subject to change). Plus and Plus/RV members receive up to 100 miles free towing and are charged $3.00 for each additional mile (rate subject to change)(Premier and Premier/RV members 200 miles). Charges for mileage beyond these limits must be paid by the member at the time of service and are not reimbursable.

ADDITIONAL INFO: In instances where your car is disabled while towing a trailer, service will be provided for the trailer at your expense and will be payable to the service facility at the time of service. Plus/RV service extends coverage to include travel trailers with sleeping accommodations used for the purpose of camping (same with Premier/RV).

After hours, when most repair garages are closed, the behicle may be towed to a place of safekeeping and the member may be charged for vehicle storage. The member may be assessed a second service call and/or appropriate mileage charges for the subsequent tow.

YOU MAY NOT USE MORE THAN ONE SERVICE CALL PER BREAKDOWN. Vehicles that have been modified by the owner risk possible damage when towed or serviced. Therefore, AAA reserves the right to refuse the tow or service on the grounds of safety and liability. If service is provided, the owner assumes responsibility for any damages not caused by the operator's negligence. CHARGES FOR FLATBED SERVICE requested by members, when not required by the AAA Towing manual, will be passed on to the member. The responding tow truck will have room for up to two passengers. AAA can assist in locating taxi service at the member's expense to transport additional passengers. The final decision to provide service to a vehicle safely is left to the discretion of the contract station tow driver.

EXTRICATION/WINCHING SERVICE: Your vehicle will be extricated/winched by one truck and one operator when it can be safely
reached from a normally traveled road or established thoroughfare.
If special equipment, additional manpower or vehicles are required, the additional costs will be payable by the member to the facility at the time of service. This service does not cover vehicles disabled on a beach, non-public road, construction site, boat ramp, vacant lot, or an area not regularly used for public traffic. Plus and Plus/RV provides for a second
truck and operator, when needed, for up to one hour. If the vehicle cannot
be operated after extrication, the 100 mile extended towing benefit applies.

IMPROPER OR EXCESSIVE SERVICE: Primary Basic and Plus members are required to par*ticipate in the cost of roadside assistance after four (4) calls within a membership year. The number of calls allowed increases
with added associates. For exact number of calls allowed, please contact the Member Relations department. An attempt will be made to notify the primary member that they are approaching or have reached the max*imum call limit. Members who require service after the maximum allotted calls will be provided basic service at a special reduced rate. Additional charges for towing mileage and added services will be due and payable to the servicing facility at the time of service. On the renewal date of the membership, full road ser*vice benefits will be restored. The Club reserves the right to cancel a member*ship for ex*cessive use of emer*gency road ser*vice or for per*mitting use by a non-member.

REIMBURSEMENT REGULATIONS: AAA is dedicated to providing a level of service far beyond the modest cost of membership. One way we do that is by contracting with carefully screened providers to deliver services at
specially negotiated prices that are well below the rates of independent contractors. In an instance where a AAA contracted provider is available but a member chooses to call a service provider outside the AAA network instead of calling our 1-800-222-4357 number, reimbursements will be based on your membership plan. On the rare occasion that a AAA provider is not available (after calling our 800 number), or your membership cannot be confirmed, you will be reimbursed for those services normally provided free of charge with your membership. Receipts that are altered, copied or in the name of anyone other than the member cannot be honored for reimbursement. Please submit the receipt along with the reimbursement application to the address below. The application can be picked up at your local office, downloaded from or mailed to you. The Club will consider reimbursement requests
within 60 days from the date of service. Mail receipts to: AAA Carolinas; P.O. Box 29600; Charlotte, NC 28229; Attn. Member Relations Department. Plus and Plus/RV reimbursement will be based on the regular commercial rate for the area when AAA service is requested and unavailable.

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