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Ford_6L_E350 08-07-2011 02:54 PM

Drake's Oil Well
When on the road I try to stop and see some local color everyday. Beats the boredom of flying across the interstate.

So, crossing Pennsylvania I spied 'Drake's Well' on the map. Just north of Oil City in Titusville is the site of the first oil well in the world. If you want to visit here I would advise you to avoid Pennsylvania Highway 8. That was the cause of a near disaster:


On to the good stuff:

Drake's original drilled hole is in that reproduction building.

Some of the boards are more than 24" wide!

This little steam engine power the well that pulls oil out of Drake's first well. Drake got 40 barrels a day from his well - about what I burned going to Newfoundland and back.

This larger steam engine powers drivers for ~10 wells

The larger steam engine is fitted with a 'Barker'. We heard it from the time we parked and wondered what it was until we read this sign.

The lower wheel drives the upper eccentrically which pulls the iron rods that power many wells

These iron rods can power 1-4 wells

Another well driver. The triangle and the iron posts are just supports for an iron swivel

Here the driver rod crosses a road. Both the 4x4 pivot at the bottom to transmit power.

The museum had just opened and wasn't really set up yet. The AC worked and the movie about Drake, oil and history was there. Next year it should be quite a bit more.


twogone 08-07-2011 07:04 PM

Re: Drake's Oil Well
:b5: Cool stuff! I just wish they had a pic of ol' Mr Drake. Give us more of your travel pix, please :a4:

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