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RuthMonster 02-18-2020 10:28 PM

Thank you for this helpful article. I am experiencing a new issue with my SMB pop-top motors. Previously, my isolator was connected to my alternator. Now my isolator is connected directly to my van battery. Ever since it was connected to my van battery, the only way I can pop the top or use the lights in the pop-top is if I have the van on. Those features no longer work when the van is off like they used to. Any recommendations for this issue?

Scalf77 02-19-2020 05:59 AM

You would need to be more specific on what type of isolator you are using? A diode isolator goes between the alternator and both batteries, a relay based isolator would just go from the battery.

In any advent that really shouldn't matter as the connection that could cause the problem would be at the other end. Did the change in wiring also include changes in the back? As that would be where the real culprit would be. All other functions of this change have checked out?


Scalf77 07-06-2020 06:20 AM

updated version of this thread starts here Battery Isolators, Separators, Switches & More (updated 2020)

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