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shenrie 09-21-2021 07:22 PM

^^^ good eye and good info to share with people, thanks for youíre input ;)


Originally Posted by Wisco150 (Post 301938)
Our fear of snakes is totally irrational, I think my girlfriend and I need to handle some to take care of that! Thatís awesome you have been able to introduce people to snakes and have them feel comfortable with them.

Well I donít recommend just going out and grabbing one, lol. Unless of course you do your research first. The fact you want over the phobia says it all. After holding one for the first time youíll realize itís just another critter. They all have teeth and they can all bite, but 9 times outta 10 they want as far from you as possible, even if sometimes they posture up and act tough.


Originally Posted by Wisco150 (Post 301938)
For the angle iron that mints to the van roof do you know what thickness the steel

What is the size of the angle iron? Iím thinking of using 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch but thatís honestly just a number that seemed like it might work but Iíd be very interested to know what was used for yours

Not sure on first question. I can ask next time I have it down at the shop.

Other question, pretty sure itís 1,5.


Originally Posted by Wisco150 (Post 301938)
Lastly for the angle iron frame that mounts to the roof of the van did you have to weld the four corners together or did it come welded with the kit as one big rectangular frame from CCV?

My diy came 100% assembled. Derek told me there was a piece of wire taped to the side and to hook it up to a battery. Then used the remote control to open (lift) it up. Once I raised it up the complete assembly was bolted to a skid. Undid did the bolts and lifted the entire unit with a forklift. Set the entire unit on the van roof over the freshly cut hole and lowered the top onto the vans rain gutter. Then we traced a line around the outside of the frame. Raised it up moved it back out the way then cut on ts tracer line. Took 2 tries to get the hole just right but then it just plopped right into place. There was a bolt hole on each corner and we used the provided hardware to secure. I also opted to weld the frame to the van as well to hopefully help keep it more ridged but derek said it wasnít necessary for the install. At the time he said he usually didnít weld as he didnít want to damage vans interiors when they were already built out. Canít comment how they are doing it these days, but the above was my direction from the owners mouth. No hard copy instructions were provided back then.

Overall ours was very simple to get going. We were all surprised at how quickly we were cleaning up for the day. If the diy kits are still setup the same way youíll be stoked at the ease of install.


Originally Posted by BroncoHauler (Post 301949)
On the other hand, I came very close to stepping on this guy in the middle of a trail last month. Wasn't moving, wasn't rattling, but things could have turned out badly for both of us.

Let's just say I have a healthy respect for snakes.


Yep, nothing good would have come from that scenario. Always good to be on the lookout for those guys. Mess you up if they get ya.

Lots of people get bit cause they stepped over a lov or rock and didnít see it on the other side. Itís always best to step on top of whatever you canít see behind and step well over and past it on the other side if you still canít see if anythingís hiding on the other side or not.

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