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Question 3500 pros and cons vs 2500

Hi all

Did some searches and didn't come up with any threads..... apologies if they exist and I just couldn't find them.

Researching what would be the best EB tall roof 4 x 4 Sprinter for us.

According to MB's website - I can get the 4 x 4 in the 3500.

Disadvantages to 3500
- paying $4,200 extra for the 3500
- lose a bit under the bed for the larger wheel wells.
- higher cost to tire replacements when that comes....
- a bit of extra weight for the extra 2 wheels
- maybe a bit more road noise? minimal -?

Advantages to 3500
- never have to worry about weight, within reason
- and I quote " 3500 may reduce some of the “porpoising” (mild bouncing from front to rear) noted in heavy vans"

- a rear wheel blowout on 3500 would likely be a lot less "exciting" with dual wheels in rear - true? false? Curious.

- coupled with 4 x 4 - or even in RWD .... even more traction - correct?

thanks for any and all thoughts.



quoted from Chumley's excellent sticky....

"...2. Standard 2500 or heavy duty 3500 model?
a. RB 2500 is the only model available with the low roof, therefore the penthouse conversion can only be a RB 2500.

b. GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating – maximum allowable legal weight of loaded vehicle): the 2500 is 8,550 lbs., 3500 is 9,990 lbs standard and with option package up to 11,030 lbs. Check the forums to see where the Sprinter outfitted like yours may fall. The weight can add up quickly.

c. Standard rear axle ratio gearing for 2500 models is 3.92. Standard rear axle ratio for 3500 is 4.18. The lower the gearing (higher the number) the more “grunt” you will have for moving out more briskly and getting up hills with a heavy load as well as towing. This will also possibly reduce your fuel mileage by somewhere between 1-2 mpg and reduce your comfortable cruising top speed. Note: Roadtrek orders their 2500 models with the lower, 4.18 rear axle ratio, as stock equipment specification.

d. Heavier suspension settings on the 3500 may reduce some of the “porposing” (mild bouncing from front to rear) noted in heavy vans. Also high roof models may benefit from the “suspension package: high center of gravity” option which includes HD sway bars at both ends and reinforced suspension mounts. Look around here on this site since SMB tends to not address these issues."
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