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Rear doors pop out windows advice needed

Hi I have a guy that wants to sell me some rear windows that he says will fit my 2010 3/4 has a green finish and the rest of the windows came tinted dark.has any body dealt with these before and matched other dark windows? This van has an onan gene underneath(with tail pipe right under bumper) which I won't run with windows open unless I have a flexible hose extension etc(safety).main reason to have these is for good ventilation down the road and I have a pup that travels with me when wifey isn't around.are they available in clear or can I remove finish? Guy wants $200 including all hardware/everything needed and I want to make sure I don't buy something that will look stupid or won't work in the end thx
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Pretty sure thats the factory tint that you cannot remove. Not sure if you can get that hue of green out of the outer edge of the glass since the film is attached to the inside. IF you get dark enough tint, the middle portion wont be so green though.

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Ok thx so the only choice is green(pop outs),here are some pics of existing fixed set up
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Gotta throw some pics in of my co-pilot zappo
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$200 for just the rear windows seems high to me. We got ours, near Portland, at a pick n pull for $80 including all the hardware and surrounds.
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Common issue....that's why I haven't put them on my 2008.

Common older pop outs have green tint; the other older tint may have been bronze....

The newer vans have smoke/grey tint......A few here (like 1der) can probably give some advice on this......
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Are there local pick and pull salvage yards in your area? I got all four of my pop outs for considerably less than what you're paying for 2.

You could also try Auto Parts Market. Make sure you take the time to call the places that don't list prices. I've got some great deals that way.
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Thx for all the info guys!
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From what I've seen, they made the windows with the green tint (tint is not removable if it's OEM), clear, and smoked/gray. I have had all three in my hands at one point. The green is nice because I think it's somewhat reflective, as shown in the photos, and better at blocking radiant heat (maybe has a metallic element to it? I don't know).

I have clear pop-outs on my van right now, and a set of replacement smoked glass panes in my shed (just the pop-out glass, not the frames) that I'm trying to decide whether to install or not. It's silly, but we've collected a lot of nice National Park stickers over our various trips, which are on the current (clear) rear windows. That's what's holding me back from swapping them out. The rest of my van windows are gray tinted.

I don't think $200 is terrible, if it comes with all the hardware and the plastic surrounds. Make sure the flat, threaded mounting plates that go on the door are included, as they are a key part of installing. Sure, you can get them cheaper at a pick-n-pull, IF you can find them. What is your time and hassle worth to you? Personally, with rear windows I wouldn't be too hung up on them not matching the other windows 100%, as visually you rarely are seeing the rear windows in context with the side windows, so it won't be very obvious that they don't match. But that's up to your aesthetic sensibilities :-)

In any event, I definitely recommend installing them. One of my favorite upgrades to my van, as it allows you to drive with the front windows open and get lots of great airflow with little wind noise. Love it.
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Add a layer of grey tint over them and the color diff will go away.

I have the newer tint and bought a set of the bronze tint pop outs. Tinted all my rear windows and you can't tell unless you are looking for it.

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