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Aluminess prices??!!

Out of curiosity, I decided to check out Aluminess's website for info on these bumpers everyone here seems to like. I was liking them, too, untill I clicked on the prices page.

Holy Sugar Honey Iced Tea!!!!

$1995 for a front bumper??
$2375 for a rear bumper?
$ 675 for a tire rack?
$ 412 for a ladder?

WTF?? Are these things made out of indestructible material? Oh, wait, they're just aluminum....

Needless to say, I wasn't expecting these items to be so pricey. Sure, they may be top quality, and even popular... but I was definitely NOT expecting the "kit" that I would want to total up to $5500!! And I'll bet that doesn't include installation, either.

Perhaps after I win the lottery I'd consider this product family and company. But until I actually have the money to play the lottery, Aluminess will be only a bookmark in Firefox.

Sorry for the bummer post here. I just never expected these add-ons to be so costly. Maybe I'm just too poor to be an RVer....


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If I hadn't bought my van conversion used, with the Aluminess bumpers already installed, I would not have been able to afford/justify them either. There are a few other options out there, but not many, and they're not exactly cheap either. Check Jeffery's gallery for pics of his front bumper.


SMB-less as of 02/04/2012. Our savings account is richer, but our adventures are poorer.
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Dave, here are a few things to consider. I just had to replace an ARB bumper on a LR Disco II and it was about 1175.00 shipped. This is a mass producded bumper. ( I own a big body shop, the disc is not mine but a customers)
I just bought a 4x10 sheet of 1/4" aluminium for a custom bumper project on one of my vehicles (not my SMB) and it was a little under 400.00. I estimate that eash aluminess bumper to have about 500.00 worth of materials in it.
Here is Socal most skilled laborers are at about 30.00 (mechanics, cabpenters, welders, etc. etc. Add another 15 per hour for workers comp, taxes and benies. Total cost to employer for said labor is about 45 per hour.
Now we come to property value and rent. I own one of my buildings and rent to other for a total of about 18000 sf of shop space. My cost for this space is about 22K per month. this is average for socal.
I'm sure aluminess could build them for a little less if he were to move his shop to michagan but this is not the case.
One last thing. I'm sure that this will ruffle a lot of feathers with other people but I would not reccomend a SMB to anyone that could not afford it. Our country's current financial troubles are due in part by millions of people buying stuff that they could not afford. I would never consider a long term loan on a smb. None of these vans will be worth anything in 20 years. Maybe a couple grand but why spent thousands in interest alone for something that will be worth zilch when it's paid off? When you want to go away you could rent an RV each time and be way ahead of the game. When I bough my SMB I put down 50% and went thru FOMoCo for the rest at 0.9%. I got 5 payments left. Please do not be offended, just my .02
Seth Hatfield
'05 EB350 6.0 4x4
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Yes the aluminess were definitly a big ticket item that helped justify the used price for my van.
and then
everything changed
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Dave, welcome to Sportsmobile. Have you checked the price list at sportsmobile's website lately? Wait until you start looking at 4WD options, or all the various goodies and assorted options. Agree the bumpers are one of the more extreme cost adders, but if you are shocked there, you may be shocked in some other areas too.
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BC said it perfectly. The approach we took when we designed our van was to not include anything that we were unsure of and could be easily added later. This included awning, bumpers, wheels/tires, etc. All of which could of easily added up to another $10k plus. It is way more important to get something that cannot be easily changed later like an electric penthouse top or Espar over propane.
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Installed prices per SMB 1/28/08
Trojan front bumper 2158.00
Trojan rear bumper with standard box 2523.00
Trojan tire carrier 690.00
Trojan side ladder 450.00

Hella fog lights 236.00
Warn winch 1325.00
Hella backup lights 194.00

Yes you better be prepared to use your van with prices like these. If you think on how much the rig cost to run, price of it, intrest, DMV fee's, and Hell I got money to burn, I just am pissed about paying those high fuel prices

2006 Ford 6.0PSD EB-50/E-PH SMB 4X4 Rock Crawler Trailer

Sportsmobile 4X4 Adventures..........On and off road adventures
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