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1989 Ford Club Wagon XLT DIY Sportsmobile Project

I am contemplating the sale of my 1989 Ford Club Wagon XLT Sportsmobile Project. If you like puzzles, old vans, and an open floor plan, you're in luck!

The Van:
1989 Ford Club Wagon XLT - 55,XXXish or somewhere around there. Probably more like 155,XXX
5.8l 351w
C6 Transmission
Gear Vendors Overdrive - It is connected to a push button switch in the floor, the control box for the O/D is missing some wires but it might work. A new control unit is around $430 from Gear Vendors. These units cost a pretty penny when new, adds a fourth gear to cruise on the highway OR it will add an additional gear in every gear, making a total of 6.

Recently replaced: Spark plugs, spark plug wires, cap, rotor, radiator, installed heavy duty transmission cooler, new thermostat, new spare tire, rear door spare tire carrier-not installed, new blower motor resistor, new Throttle Position Sensor.

It has swivels that have yet to be installed on the front seats.

The interior is bare, we do have the rear bench seat for it and the brackets to install it. The van is old, it's a bit rusty but the body is overall pretty good. The floor does have some rust holes, mainly around the body mount areas, I have pictures of these spots and have not gotten around to repairing them yet. It's a slide door model. I've driven and towed with it quite a bit.

The Sportsmobile Top:
Manual Operation
It was removed from a 1970's Ford Full-Size Van
The top is in relatively good condition, does need to be re-sealed and probably reinforced as it has a bit of a dip in the middle due to its age, which is pretty common. I have the paperwork from the purchase and conversion of the Sportsmobile top.
I also have photos of the top installed on the previous vans and the removal process. We removed the top by cutting the roof off of the van so that I'd have a template to create the next hole on my Club Wagon XLT.

I really have no idea what it is worth, I do know what some of the components are worth but I have a lot on my plate at the moment and so I start to consider removing projects from the workload. It's located in Indianapolis, IN and I can pick you up from the airport. I'm asking $4,500 but may be open to selling components separately if there is no interest in the entire package. I will entertain offers or trades for other camper vans, trucks capable of towing or carrying a slide in camper. Feel free to post here or send me a private message.

You can check out the Instagram for the van, if you'd like a more detailed report. @amanaplanagirlandavan
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67099115_10157715192284767_4504051445045133312_o.jpg   67244966_10157755299834767_3415882404991074304_o.jpg   69469147_10157845402209767_3558078309621301248_o.jpg   71189925_10157926425464767_5077624677950554112_o.jpg   71871630_10157926426109767_177756657588109312_o.jpg  


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I may be interested in the pop top. What would you be willing to sell for? I would be traveling from MI.

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Originally Posted by MIQuigley View Post
I may be interested in the pop top. What would you be willing to sell for? I would be traveling from MI.
I'll probably wait to see if there is any interest in the entire package before considering selling the components. I should change the wording in the ad to reflect this, my apologies. But you are free to send me an offer if you'd like though via PM.
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1989 Ford Club Wagon XLT 3/4 Ton
351w 5.8l Engine
C6 Mechanical Transmission
Gear Vendor Overdrive, hooked up to a dimmer switch on the floor
Dana 60, 8 Lug Axles, 3.54 Rear Gears
2 Wheel Drive
Dual Fuel Tanks, both operable, switch works, total capacity of around 40 gallons

I'm contemplating the sale of my Sportsmobile Project as a whole unit. I'm toying with the idea of going another route but I have to gauge interest on this project first.

The Van: I have owned this van for around 2 years and I've tracked it back to the last 4-5 owners, the oldest being the one who rescued it from sitting in a deceased man's yard, after buying it from the son. My plans for the van were to convert it to a camper van, fix some of the rust in the floor where the body is mounted (a common spot on these vans). Currently there is no carpet in it, it does have brackets and a bench seat as well as swivel seats (not yet installed) for the front seats. The rear heat has been bypassed, I never got around to fixing someone's previous work of bypassing, but I had always planned on removing the rear heat and installing a diesel heater. The van also comes with a full spare tire, brand new, as well as a rear tire carrier I have yet to install. All gauges DO work! Cruise control does work... about as well as it would work on a 30 year old vehicle. Once initiated, it drops 5 mph, then holds. Hot heat, A/C does not work (see "issues" portion of ad). I've towed quite a bit with the van, multiple cars on a dual axle trailer, it handles the weight extremely well and will cruise at 60-70 easily.

Recent Work: New Front Speakers, New Radiator, New Heavy Duty Transmission Cooler, New Speedometer Cable, New Throttle Position Sensor, New Thermostat, New Spark Plugs, New Distributor Cap & Rotor, New Spark Plug Wires, New Air Filter, Installed the CORRECT ECM for the van, some rust repair underneath the hood and cowl, New Temperature Sending Unit.

Build Thread:

The Issues: The gear in the driver's side window motor has sheered some teeth within the motor, a repair kit is around $12 on Amazon, I've replaced it before. Has some rust in the floor of the van, can be seen currently as the carpet has been removed. I was going to use the metal from the roof when cutting the hole for the Sportsmobile top, to patch the holes in the floor. Very little rust overall though. The exhaust tips also clang together over bumps, I haven't been able to find a leak in the exhaust system though nor have I reinforced them so they don't do this. The A/C Condenser has been cut from the vehicle, I assume when the water pump was replaced. If you want A/C, the entire A/C system will probably have to be looked over, dried out, and some of it replaced.

The Top: The Sportsmobile Pop Top has been removed from a later 1970's model. The paperwork for this is currently being sent to me from the owner of the donor van. My father, brother, cousin, and I removed the top of the Sportsmobile Top by cutting the metal roof in order to get a template for this van; the top is currently still technically installed on the roof of the donor van. The top functions as it should, latches with seat belt buckets installed in the ceiling. The top weighs somewhere around 300-400 pounds. My brother and I can lift it and move it, but it's quite the chore to do so. I'd recommend taking it on a trailer, with the van.

I'm open to offers, but I'd like to get around $4,500 for the entire package. I might consider trades for 4x4 Pickups, preferably 3/4 ton, as I am toying with idea of a slide in camper. Any vague interests will be ignored. If you think the price is incorrect, make me an offer, the worst I can say is no. Negative comments will be ignored or removed.
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