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Epic White Rim Trail footage in 2WD Vanagon

I've been a fan of Chad for a while and all the crazy places he takes his 2WD Vanagon.

This one really takes the cake, the White Rim Trail.


Epic drone footage, from way out in the canyon and above...his typical stuff. He seems to be a professional videographer in his day job, so I'm really hoping he got a permit for this footage.

I aspire to go do this road when I have the proper rig, but given what I've read it is incredible he got his Vanagon thru there, and he disclaims anyone else without 4x4 trying it throughout the video.

I've seen pix, but this footage is even more incredible...

Happy Thanksgiving all!



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Fun to watch! I've done the White Rim Trail many times by bicycle, but only once in a vehicle (taking turns driving SAG on a bicycle ride in a 4x4 Toyota pickup).

Not sure if it's still there, but there used to be a sign at Musselman Arch with a photo of a VW van perched midway across the arch. Granted the arch had more meat back when the photo was taken (they don't even allow foot traffic across it now), but yikes!

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Very cool video. When I see 45 minutes of Youtube ahead of me I usually just click off. That is worth the watch if you're a fan of the scenery of the area.

I'm betting he didn't seek permission and certainly didn't tell a ranger what he was driving (2wd anything). Luckily he did it in winter so not much traffic. If there was any he edited it out. I like that approach, honestly. You pretty much can't do that for real anymore. Only in this video can you get the true sense of the isolation of the adventure, which I personally would not want to do without a friend, but it is admirable nonetheless.

He kept saying 'we'. Is there a partner along that is always edited out or does he just mean himself and his friend Van Agon?

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As an avid and serious drone pilot and aerial photographer, I would want nothing more than to be able to fly over Canyonlands National Park. The problem is that it is ILLEGAL. I'm sure the footage is fun to view, but I will not break the law to get it. Sadly other here don't seem to agree. Launching drones from within all national parks in the USA is illegal.
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Others here? The guy who filmed this isn't an SMB guy. Basically every responder here has just said it was neat, including me, not that they would break the law to get such footage. When you see this stuff on Youtube, or anywhwere for that matter, your first thought is usually how cool it is, not whether it was legal or not. That may be the second thought that pops in to your head but no one here was complicit in this, they just posted it.

Currently vanless. Weird.
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Wow. Incredible views. Thanks for sharing. I have a new offroad trail to add to my bucket list. (I'll leave the drones at home). Although with those dropoffs, I think the wife would leave a permanent pucker mark on the passenger seat.
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I also thought that was an amazing video and know about the legalities of flying drones in NP. I know of a recent YouTube channel that got fined for that very thing. Someone reported them and then they received a letter by the powers that Be saying that they needed to apply for permits to do this. He said the cost would be hundreds per day if he was even able to get the approved permit.
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[QUOTE=86Scotty;286109]Very cool video. When I see 45 minutes of Youtube ahead of me I usually just click off. That is worth the watch if you're a fan of the scenery of the area.

I have to agree with 86Scotty, that video does a great job of documenting the scenery. Well worth the time if you need motivation to take the trip yourself. Sadly, I don't think I could ever get the wife to join me on a road trip that spends so much time clinging to cliff sides...

As others have pointed out, recreational drone use in National Park units is strictly prohibited. However, this particular project may very well have been issued a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) that included use of the drone in question. In fact, to legally film or photograph any of that trip (within federal jurisdictions) for commercial purposes he would be required to have gotten a permit.

As the professional photographers on this forum are aware, any commercial photography, whether it be on the ground or in the air, conducted on federally administered lands (NPS, BIA, USFWS, BLM, USFS) needs to be done under a CUA. Also, for what it's worth on USFS lands, the cost is currently $150/day for up to 10 individuals participating in the "event" and I only know that because it's one of my wife's duties to issue those...
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very cool footage! That's my kind of camping.

FYI in regards to some of the photos across musselman's arch, pretty cool photos of lin ottinger's canyonlands tours on this link. I don't think I'd be too excited about driving those roads in an old VW bus.

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I’ve only done the trail on a bicycle but only remember a couple of spots that would be tough for a 2wd vehicle. I did see a Subaru out there when I was there and talked to another guy in a pickup that told me he hadn’t popped his truck into 4wd at all.

I’d love to do the trail again in my van or my Jeep.

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