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C.R. Laurence (CRL) window repair

I couldn't find ANY threads on this but I was able to round up a little info from 1der and a couple others. Anyway, I wanted to share a little of what I learned mostly by trial and error.

CRL is one of those old fashioned companies that hasn't really joined the modern age yet. Lousy website. Lousy parts support. No diagrams or any help online or by phone.

I've helped Ledger with her van a few times and she dropped by with a CRL window problem recently. Her van is an 02 with frameless windows. The awning window on the driver's side above the counter (50 floor plan) was poking out where the wind pushes on the front of it. As a result of trying to keep it closed the gearbox eventually stripped. She was able to find the part through Cyclevan but they weren't any help at all on the phone. We tried to replace the gearbox once with little time or tools and realized the whole window had to come out. I put it off then because I didn't have any sealant and figured I needed a specific kind. Wrong. These windows have a reusable gasket. Good news.
The only way to work on these windows is to remove them. It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected, unless you can't get to all of the screws around the inside of your window due to the cabinetry. You must pull all the screws around the inside of the window and two screws on each side in the jamb, right in the middle, which center and cinch it into place. Before this though the shades and trim need to be removed. Pretty self explanatory on that.

We were able to pull the drawers out and get to the bottom screws on hers.

I recommend a helper outside to hole window in place while all screws are removed, then pull the window and take it to a work bench.

At the bottom of this pic is the stripped gearbox connected to a long rod with arms on either end. The two screws on each end of the frame are why you could never do this repair with the window in the van.

Remove all four screws and put the gearbox crank back on to crank the window out, then you will see how you can manipulate it to get the arms (and rollers) free of their slides on the bottom half glass. The glass will then fold all the way out (way past it's usual limit) and you can remove it, so this of course is also the way to replace broken glass if that's why you found this thread. I did not take note of how to replace the top glass but I bet it's just glued in.

We found it easiest to pull and work with the end opposite the gearbox first.

Then the hardest part. Get some really strong vice grips and remove the spring taking note of exactly how it is oriented.

After the spring is loose you can easily get the center drum with the gearbox attached out of the window. Then just pry the old gear box off and replace.

Reattching the spring is the hardest part of the job. Use a towel or piece of cardboard and a helper to hold things so WHEN your vice grips pop off the spring you don't shatter the window.

More misc pics

You can see in a few of these pics that the arm on the gearbox side is bent. Ledger assured me that her window would only open and close evenly if it stayed bent so we left it. Also, in the pic above, you can see what she came up with to replace the broken roller and nut/bolt on this side. We Loc-tited it so that little nut will hang around awhile.

I hope this helps someone. I've always wondered what a nightmare it would be to fix one of these kind of windows. Not so bad if you can find the parts.

Installation reverse of removal. We had no problems realigning or resealing window with the original gasket.


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Great write up! How much was the gear box from Cyclevan? May be worth having. Few extras around for forum members if not too expensive 😊

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I'll ask Ledger. She's rarely on here.

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Great write-up. I have a 2003 with the same problem. I've been living with it. Might now try and fix it.

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