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Turbo Timer

I am new to the forum. I purchased a 2004 E350 SMB 6.0 Quigley last November from the Indiana plant. It only had 9600 original miles on it. I drove it back to California in 2.5 days with no problems. I just had the turbo rebuilt last week with just over 14,000 miles. My mechanic suggested buying a turbo timer. I know jack about turbos, turbo timers, etc. I just want to have fun in my SMB. Any suggestions on a good turbo timer?

From reading the threads, it appears that my SMB may become a boat, "a hole in the water that you throw money into". I appreciate any help you can offer.
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Re: Turbo Timer

For cool down???

I just watch my EGT gauge and shut it down at the suggested temp, for me it's about 500*. Some members have talked about pre/post oilers but I have no idea how well they work. I just had my turbo replaced at 100K miles and it was in great shape. I watch the temps (warm & cold), drive it weekly, don''t baby it, and use fuel products (cetane booster). Not saying a timer isn't a good thing just I guess I didn't need one.

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Re: Turbo Timer

Dave, thanks for the feedback. Yes, it is for cool down. Like I said, I'm new to this and will be paying close attention to the forum so that I can become more educated. I love my SMB and look forward to posting pics from many trips.
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Re: Turbo Timer

Why did you need to rebuild the turbo with just 14k miles?
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Re: Turbo Timer

I was driving my SMB in early May when I heard a loud pop and lost power. I got it to a local shop where they told me I'd blown a hose off the turbo. The mechanic reattached it. I drove it up to King's River in late May. It felt a little hesitant about half the trip. The other half it felt normal. I hadn't used it much since then. When I took it out, it lacked power. Getting up to 45mph was a chore, so I took it to the dealer for diagnostics. They told me the turbo needed to be replaced as well as the EGR. I took it to my regular mechanic who concurred. So I had it rebuilt.

The vehicle was built in Indiana in 2004 for a doctor who contracted Alzheimer's 4 years after he bought it. It sat in his garage for four years. After that it was driven back to Indiana where they went through it. I bought it in November, drove it home with no problems, except for a lot of snow from Indiana to Arizona. I'd taken it out a few times without any issues until the pop.
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Re: Turbo Timer

I'd guess that the vanes in the turbo rusted from being driven so little.

Regarding the turbo timer, I'd say that is a convenience. I let engine (6.0L previously, and now a 7.3L) cool down as measured by my pyrometer, and that's worked for me. I ease up on my throttle the last mile or so as the vehicle moving cools things off far better than it sitting and idling. A turbo timer makes it more convenient in that you can walk away and let the timer take care of things.

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Re: Turbo Timer

This is a turbo timer. http://edgeproducts.com/products/eas-un ... 1--A98604/

You can do it manually (like most of us as described above) using a basic pyrometer that measures the exhaust temp off the manifold. Or, the more expensive (and controllable) option is to install one of these with an Edge Insight. http://edgeproducts.com/products/insight-cts-83830/
Then you can go inside or into a store and the engine will turn off when it has cooled sufficiently to reduce carbon buildup in your turbo and EGR valve. If that convenience is impt to you then go for it. It doesn't take that long to cool down at idle, even after a long pull.

A far more inexpensive option is to monitor your 6.0 powerstroke vitals with a Scanguage II and install a separate pyrometer. Unfortunately, the Scanguage doesn't have a temp probe option.
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Re: Turbo Timer

I've never seen a 6.0 turbo failure from oil coking (that's when the oil cooks inside the turbo from shutting off too soon). I'm sure its possibly, but a little diligence will prevent it. It only needs a minute or two to cool down to a safe temp usually, and in most areas you will have already done that just pulling off the highway and waiting at a traffic light.

What does kill 6.0 turbo is rust and carbon deposits. Rust can happen from short-cycling the motor (short trips while cold) as this causes compensation, or it can happen from an EGR cooler leak (however you probably don't have enough miles for that yet). Carbon deposits happens from driving like grandma, or sometimes a bad EGR valve. All modern diesels need to be periodically run hard to clean out the carbon.
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Re: Turbo Timer

I'm getting ready to install my Pyrometer from Autometer in my Ford 6.0. Anyone knows of some good Intructions or pictures on where to place the thermocouple, hopefully a location that it's easy to get to. And how to get around the firewall.

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Re: Turbo Timer

Originally Posted by Nick
And how to get around the firewall.

If you need to get wiring into the engine compartment, there is a route you can take without drilling the firewall. If you open the door (either side) and look carefully at the body cavity, you will see a rubber plug. Its located next to where the parking brake is on the drivers side. You can poke a wire right through the plug and from there, route the wire into the engine compartment.

... Charlie
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