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Low profile roof vent? anyone?

Hi everybody,

I'm building my own campervan (DIY conversion) out of a 2010 extended Ford E250.

I don't have a lot of free space between the high top and the top of the garage opening.

I want to choose a roof vent that is very low profile so I don't get into trouble when backing up in my garage.

I have searched the web but I want something that will move air not just a PC fan.

So this is what I found, a Fan-tastic ventilator with vintage flat roof lid, that has 2.5" overall height instead of 4.5". the 2250 model with 3 speed/reverse and thermostat, for 168$ + 12$ S&H. I also like that I can choose the interior color (grey instead of white)

What are my other options?



DIY conversion build, extended 2010 Ford 5.4L E250 + high top, from Montreal Canada, new to all this so please be patient and clear with me (never built or camped in a van yet)
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Re: Low profile roof vent? anyone?

I don't know of anything lower that comes with a built in fan. Otherwise (non-built-in fan) there are marine hatches (Pompanette, etc.) which can be quite flat, and perhaps Heki hatches (not sure how flat they are).

While the Fantastic Vents (built in fan) do move a lot of air, I actually find that for, say, sleeping in hot weather I like to have a small fan blowing right on me (say something like a Hella turbo fan). So if you need something flatter than a roof vent with a built in fan, you might consider a flat, fanless hatch and then something like a Fantastic Fan (free-standing) and some Hella Turbo spot fans (or similar).

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Re: Low profile roof vent? anyone?

CR Lawerence makes a variety of low profile sun roofs, but they don't have a fan. I installed one of the "his and her" models which is similar in size to the fantastic vents.17x17" It opens about about 4" so they allow for quite a lot of air flow. I've got rear pop out windows w/screens and screens for the driver and passenger side front windows. I'm getting ready to install an interior 12 volt fan that I can aim to different parts of the van. I wasn't that impressed with the fantastic vent/with fan I installed in my travel trailer. Nice for sucking out hot air, especially when cooking, but I also find a fan blowing directly on me works better to stay cool in hot weather.
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Re: Low profile roof vent? anyone?

The other option is to put a hole on the side of your van and put some sort of round vent, I use the 6 inch speedi products soffit plastic vent from home depot. On the inside of my van I have a swamp cooler right next to it, but you can always put a endless breeze fantastic fan next to it. There are also the square vents, in different sizes, home depot has them all. From the picture there doesnt appear to be too much clearance in your garage.

I have 3 different roof vents on my roof, including a vortex fan vent. All they do is blow hot air in, and I usually just use them to vent air out of the van. Most of the time, I have them covered up. Its major work putting in a roof vent, and then to realize it didnt solve my heating problems. The problem with roof vents is that if its hot outside, you will be blowing hot air into your van, the metal skin on the roof doesnt help.

If you have heating problems in your van. My advice is remove the roof headliner, get some rtech foam from home depot and hot glue it to your roof. The foam will work alot better than any roof vent. Get a infrared thermometer, and anywhere you feel heat, put foam there. What helps you in your case is that you dont have windows in the back of your van, thats where all the heat comes in.

Before i put the foam in, I couldnt spend much time in the rear of my van when i was park in the sun, even with the roof vents and swamp cooler running. Now I can close all windows, doors, vents and park in the sun and spend all day in my van. I usually dont even have to turn my swamp cooler to the maximun setting.

old headliner I removed, some sort of fiberglass insulating material that wasnt even glue to roof.

rtech foam I use , hot glue to roof, cut in small sections for easier installation. i use the thinnest foam they have about 8 dollars for a 4 foot by 6 foot section. thicker foam is better. I also have it covering all my rear windows, i use the thick foam for that. With a infrared thermometer, the foam reads about 98 degrees on a sunny day, the bare metal without foam reads over 120 degrees. I use thin foam on roof because I wasnt sure if the hotglue was going to be sufficient but a year later all foam is still attached, none have came loose.

swamp cooler I built installed next to side 6 inch round vent, uses a 9 inch car radiator electric fan about 3.5 amps at full power , same output as a fantastic fan, which i also have. Once you use a swamp cooler, you wont go back to a regular fan. Air coming out is in the 70's, on humid days it wont cool as well but is still better than a regular fan.
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