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New to forum--and was curious...

Hello all,
I'm new to this forum, but have been a fan of Ford PSD 4x4s for some time. Considering a 6.0 4x4 RB sometime in the future--have had an '05 Excursion 6.0 4x4 EB.

I'm suprised to see most of the photos I've seen of your extremely cool rigs show stock exhausts? I know I've read posts about fuel econ., etc., and thought a good exhaust might help, along with a good programmer such as the SCT X-Calibrator 2. I've used these on my X and found good fuel econ.; about 19 mpg mixed driving. Just a thought; I'm sure your rigs are heavier than an X and could benefit from exhaust & custom programming (tunes). I didn't see these topics from looking on this forum; I'm usually at The diesel They dodn't have a 4x4 van page like this; very informative & great pics.


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I'm no expert on the mechanical aspects of the PSD vans and others here know far more than I do. But my understanding is that there is little or no aftermarket for exhaust/programmer mods on the PSD vans. The engine compartment is quite tight compared with the trucks and the van market is modest in size at best. I looked into a different exhaust for my van and it would have required some custom mods that I didn't want to bother with. So it can be done, but not easily.

Also, the PSD vans are de-tuned versus the trucks because the tighter engine compartment makes cooling a bigger potential problem.

Concerns about voiding the warranty are another issue, but I suspect that is no different than with the trucks.

I'm sure you'll get additional info from others.


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Welcome aboard.

One thing to keep in mind is that the 6.0L in the vans is detuned as compared to your X and the F series. Best explanation I've heard is that because the heat is so hard to get rid of (or as a corollary the air flow is so restricted) in the vans, that Ford detuned the engines.

I know a lot of people who run tuners (in F series and X's) and a lot of people who don't for fear of Ford negating their warranty. I think a lot of that thinking prevails in the vans too.

I do have a Banks exhaust system that the previous owner had installed. It's the only way I've driven the van, so I don't have anything to compare to. The previous owners knew Gale Banks, so I heard it was a personal favor, and not something they normally do. I think there are a few companies out there that have aftermarket exhausts for vans, but not many. I know Eddie (Edie?) at Quadvan in Portland, OR had someone who would install larger exhaust systems in vans.

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Thanks for the replys. I have read about the 6.0 vans being somewhat detuned compared to Xs & F series trucks. I guess my thinking is that a good exhaust would help reduce EGTs, & a good custom tune from someone such as Innovative Diesel Performance, would help keep temps low & improve MPGs in the process. Custom tuners can do a number of things for anyone's specific application; true custom tuning. Just a thought, as these are things I would do for the sake of the afore mentioned improvements. I must say, the difference was night & day. BTW, I had an MBRP 4" aluminized turbo back exhaust; very quiet inside & out.

Does anyone have HP & torque specs for the '08 van's 6.0?

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Not PSD but I put a Flowmaster on the V10 and hated it. Took it off and went back to stock. I wasnt ready to go SuperChip route along with it and was really just looking for a little extra mile or two on fuel, and better airflow. My mileage actually went down. Some of the folks said the computer needed to adjust from stock to compensate, or that I should disconnect the battery to reset but I was done. 9mpg. It also had a kind of tinny-sound, not throaty like it would be on a V8. The 10's are different that way.
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I'm leaving my van stock for 2 reasons.
1. I'm perfectly happy with the stock performance. Even towing a car trailer with a VW van I find the performace to be great.
2. I want to maintain my factory warranty. I've allready gotten a new turbo and engine wiring harness replaced under warranty.

At this point the only thing that would get me excited would be better economy, even at the expense of power. Since most of the offerings are for power I'll stay stock for now.
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I saw a solid 2 MPG (at min.) increase with these mods on an '05 X 4x4 PSD 6.0., along with an increase in performance; it ran great. I am aware some may be concerned with warranty, etc., and I guess that is something each individual needs to be comfortable with. My point is that there are gains to be had, especially with such heavy vehicles; all done within safe parameters.

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